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  1. Why are larger diameter tires more expensive?

    More sidewall is better for off-road, less sidewall is better for on-road performance because less flex in sidewall improves cornering. Its why sports cars have almost no sidewall - you get that super precise cornering (but with a hard ride).
  2. Is the factory LED light upgrade worth it?

    Seriously? I had JW Speaker on my JKU and they were awesome. Are the factory LED on Gladiators really better?
  3. Gears for 37" tires

    And maybe that’s fine in Tennessee or Pennsylvania - but don’t presume that what works for you at sea level works everywhere. There are a lot of folk on here who live in the Rockies and face very different conditions. I live at 8,500 feet and commute down a steep winding canyon to 5,500 feet...
  4. On-board Air it really worth it?

    Depending on how you off-road, a CO2 system might work for you; it is cheaper than ARB - and much faster when airing up. The downside, of course, is that you can run out of CO2. When my off-roading was mostly going to the beach, airing down to head over-sand and then airing back up to head home...
  5. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    These drawers look really nice! Are the two drawers equal in width?
  6. First impressions of 35's on my Eco Diesel

    Hey OP - what makes you think that re-gearing your truck will not affect your warranty? I asked my local dealer (I'm also in Colorado), and he checked with the warranty department; he told me that re-gearing voids the entire power-train warranty. Toyota has the same policy, and I believe it is...
  7. Ares - Build Thread

    Great looking truck, and awesome job with the mods! I think you made the right choice going Gladiator over Tacoma!
  8. RSI Smartcap

    No - the rear door of the topper serves as an additional lock for the tailgate, which is actually a feature I like. I eventually got into the bed of the truck that day (though I was a little late for work), and now I carry lock de-icer in the cab. It would be great to hear from folk who have...
  9. RSI Smartcap

    Yeah - kind of a bummer, because all three of these brands make super-nice toppers / campers. I think they are desert-biased, just given their place of origin (which is understandable). I hope they develop a different latch, but I've been iced-out of my topper before, and it can be a real...
  10. RSI Smartcap

    These toppers look good and - based on specs - are really strong. However, I hear that the latches on all the South African toppers (AluCab, RSI, RLD) freeze shut quite easily. Numerous complaints about this on Tacoma World (forum). Some report that it doesn’t require freezing rain or snow to...
  11. Axle swap question

    1. I don't really understand what you are asking. 2. Yes, if you install Eaton E-lockers in your aftermarket axles, those can be wired to the switch gear that comes stock on the dash of the Rubicon. This has become the most popular option at the shop near me, because folks want to keep using...
  12. Auto Swap. Seriously

    This is starting to confuse me. You are complaining about the power of the 3.6 - and I agree. But folks have offered up viable options for you - most notably (given your apparent preference to stay with your vehicle) - a supercharger. Here is my previous post, and I'm pasting it in again...
  13. Auto Swap. Seriously

    If you were seriously considering the expense of an auto swap (not really a viable option) why not re-gear to 4.88, add a supercharger, and swap in a centerforce clutch? The manual should hold up to the SC with the centerforce clutch and flywheel...
  14. Flimsy Front Inner Fenders

    Yeah - I totally get that - and those aluminum fender liners are sweet!
  15. Flimsy Front Inner Fenders

    Not trying to come after you personally - but how many issues that are a consequence of poor design and/or cutting corners on quality - will Jeep owners opt to fix themselves out of pocket? For example, the steering issues are easily resolved with higher quality front end components - components...
  16. Official Reveal: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 Hemi

    Yeah - thanks. I've got it sorted now: 6.4 (but not typically referred to as a "392") in the Ram 2500/3500: 410 HP / 429 lb-ft 6.4 ("392") SRT in the Jeep JL: 470 HP / 470 lb-ft 6.4 ("392") SRT in the Challenger: 485 HP / 475 lb-ft
  17. 6.4L V8 Hemi (392) possibly "real world" testing for future Gladiator model

    What's with the logic and the facts so early in the morning ;)
  18. 6.4L V8 Hemi (392) possibly "real world" testing for future Gladiator model

    Good to know! Perhaps my diesel fuel knowledge is out of date - it’s been a long time since I’ve driven a diesel. Thanks for the education. I still don’t think it’s the best option for my use (too many short trips for the emissions system), but cold-weather worries was a big concern. You’ve got...
  19. 6.4L V8 Hemi (392) possibly "real world" testing for future Gladiator model

    No issues with fuel gelling? I know the winter blends are fine, but we don't get winter blends in September and October when we see surprise cold temps. I know people run diesels in the coldest places in the world, its just that the cold temps here can be hard to predict in fall & spring.