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  1. Glass Shards Everywhere & Scratched Up Hardtop From Back Glass Replacement

    I would definitely have them fix it. That repair is asinine. Wouldn’t be surprised if you end up with a new hard top. By the time they remove the window and prep and repaint the gouge, not to mention whatever else they mess up, it’d as cheap to just get a new hard top. After it’s fixed, just...
  2. Is the factory LED light upgrade worth it?

    Honestly, just go to the lot and test drive a non-led wrangler or gladiator after dark. Go a little out in the country. Then drive the LED. If you can’t find an LED to test drive, just think how dim the non-LED is, and think how the LEDs’ low beams are at least 2-3x brighter than non-LED high beams.
  3. Did I miss anything?

    I love my leather seats and I ended up finding a rig on the lot that had them. If I were to order, I’d consider checking out the katskin seat covers. A lot of dealerships will install, and the quality is at least as good as OEM (may even be an OEM supplier). There are just some really cool...
  4. Carplay2Air review with the 8.4 Premium Audio

    I mean, it shipped from China, it’s clearly of Chinese origin. Downloading firmware through a direct IP on your phone is a great time to put a virus in. Not saying it’s a duck, but it definitely could grow in to a duck if so inclined...
  5. Rock Slide Engineering steps are loud.

    no they have plenty of space. You’re have to approach the seating at a pretty weird angle to even hesitate.
  6. Rock Slide Engineering steps are loud.

    I was being DD for a buddy a few weeks ago, and he walked into it as it came down. Usually, if an onstacle hits them, they just quit coming down- no big deal. In his case he connected mid stride with them right as the locked down, and he hit perfectly at the corner. Had a helluva goose egg...
  7. Carplay2Air review with the 8.4 Premium Audio

    Weird. Mine is in the console. Still haven’t had a single issue of dropping out, other than known weak signals in my area, but no BT issues whatsoever.
  8. Anyone have dogs riding in the bed? Do you use dog ramp?

    LUFFWELL Portable Dog Stairs for Large Dogs, Foldable Aluminum Lightweight Pet Ramps,Accordion Pet Ladder Dog Car Steps with Non-Slip Surface for High Beds, Trucks, Cars and SUV, Supports 150-200 lbs The very the price...
  9. Cold weather group unavailable with MT on Willys

    Probably the remote start not being compatible with a manual transmission.
  10. Anyone have dogs riding in the bed? Do you use dog ramp?

    I got these off Amazon for less than $100, and my 150 pound mastiff doesn’t even flex them. They’d work in the bed too.
  11. Mopar Crossbar vs Voodoo crossbar

    You can’t roll the the mopar cover up under the bars, bye to the rigid bars underneath. It makes it roll up in an oblong shape that is to high on the long axis. You can slide it underneath the bar, then roll it up some, then slide it under the next bar and resume rolling, but it is a pain and...
  12. Mopar Crossbar vs Voodoo crossbar

    The kbvoodoo is misleading, on the tonneau compatibility. It is still too low to roll up the mopar tonneau underneath it. If there is no internal stiffeners to your tonneau, you might be able to roll it up. Also, quality is poor. The bends in each bracket were all different. I had to press...
  13. Who hasn't removed their door bolts yet, and why?

    On my last Jeep, I went a pretty extended period of time without removing the doors again because I thought it would be a great idea to spray white lithium grease into the hinges before putting the doors back on. While it did a great job of keeping everything moving, it was a giant mess. I...
  14. I need help!

    At this point, I'd probably try to find the most reputable 4x4 shop in your area, even if you have to trailer it. Chances are, it isn't an OEM issue, and even if it is, with the lift kit, they are just going to void that portion of the warranty. You need someone with experience with lifted Jeeps.
  15. Poll: If you removed body bolts did any break

    Didn't break any bolts, but I wouldn't describe it as easy. I used a breaker bar, and it took a lot of force. Typically, it was only a half turn or so, and then back a quarter turn. Reversing when it gets seized is very important, as it clears the threads of debris.
  16. DIY hemi swaps!?!

    That’s it! Not sure of the price between a completely independently sourced project and their kit, but if I were going to DIY it, I’d definitely consider this.
  17. DIY hemi swaps!?!

    Most (maybe all) of the shops that are doing the Hemi swaps are using kits from another company. I ran across it once, but can’t think of the name. anyway, that’s why they are maintaining full dash functionality right out of the box
  18. Pro tip: Leaving it in ACC mode for 4 days will kill both batteries

    I'm like 97% sure that the vehicle starts exclusively from the ESS battery, and the ESS battery does not power anything else in the vehicle, nor will the main battery draw off and deplete your ESS battery. The ESS/Main battery relationship is a one way street. Your truck's electrical system...
  19. Swap Hoods? Mojave Hood vs Rubicon hood vs Overland Hood

    That's weird. In the past, I have just received a check from the insurance company to fix (or not) as I please. Of course, they are only going to pay you what their preferred guys will estimate, but you have the right to take it wherever you want and/or do it yourself. I'd push back on your...
  20. Couple questions on the 6.4 HEMI SWAP

    I reached out to a shop a while back. They said everything worked except that auto stop/start. All the infotainment screens etc. malaise, it’s a significant enough change that your warranty is pretty much voided. I’m going to wait until my warranty is up