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  1. House of Diesel Retro Gladiator EcoDiesel

    No school like the old school! :like:
  2. Next round of colors?

    Hey folks, when will they change the color options again? We talking April/May? or closer to the summer? (Still hurts muh feelers a little to see a Gator JT that you couldn't order w/ the diesel #kicksdirt)
  3. How is Jeep managing the heat in the 392? Lower payload in the Diesel due to heat, how does that factor?

    There’s more to it than that - the trim on my JLUDR is ~3/8” all the way around every slot. If they ‘just needed a bigger opening’ they would just omit it like on the Sport model. I think there isn’t quite enough air space around the turbo/exhaust area to evacuate the heat. How about a snorkel...
  4. Jeep, where's the Gladiator love?

    That’s fine, but 800# payload capacity is only ~4 people +a cooler & you’re maxed out...
  5. Jeep, where's the Gladiator love?

    All indications are that the 4xe system will be heavier than the diesel = even less payload & they never address towing anything with the hybrid either.
  6. TFL got a JTR Eco Diesel... 1st video review.

    Yet here you are in the Diesel section... :angel:
  7. Official Reveal: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 Hemi

    I felt the same way until I drove a Wrangler Ecodiesel. I had a 3.6l + 6spd and you had to wring the everlovin’ Crap out of it to get to its power, then it’s time to shift again. With the 3.0l power is all below 3 grand + 8 speeds to keep the rpm’s where they need to be, it’s a Potent package. I...
  8. Jeep, where's the Gladiator love?

    Patience, Grasshoppah...
  9. Guys HELP!!! Gas Or Diesel

    Looks like you have about a dozen more questions in your post? :LOL: But going by the title, if you have a lot of short-distance/city driving I would stick with gas. If you have a longer commute &/or make frequent long drives &/or tow anything then consider the diesel.
  10. Official Reveal: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 Hemi

    I don’t think you understand how poorly a hybrid will perform towing or carrying a payload.
  11. 6.4L V8 Hemi (392) possibly "real world" testing for future Gladiator model

    Companies like Long Range America will make bank selling additional capacity fuel tanks. I have already caught myself doing the math
  12. Official Reveal: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 Hemi

    Interesting time to be a Jeeper - can’t wait to see the details! (But I would really rather see it in the JT)
  13. New 2021 colors

    I was waiting until the diesel was available, now that you can get it Both of the colors I liked are gone wtf? How long until Jeep changes the colors Again? May/June?
  14. Exhaust

    Somebody on the Wrangler forum cut their diesel resonator off, said it made zero difference. That’s all I got :shrug:
  15. All Diesel Specific Talk/Topics

    I have to admit I was pretty bummed about the latest color options- ready to order when the diesel came out, now no Gator or Gobi? My wife, searching for a compromise, suggested ordering one & having a wrap put on or even having it painted. Love my wife :-)
  16. Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Concept revealed by Mopar

    Is it Really too much to ask to make a better hitch mount? Raise it a couple inches + recess it back to the tubing that connects to the frame. :facepalm:
  17. Spent a day looking

    For ME, no on the ext'd warranty. No on the body seal - there are very good products that you can do yourself for likely less $$. No on the fabric treatment, as I would be immediately going with some quality seat covers like Sportsman's Camo Covers or a similar product. (I have had several sets...
  18. Jeep Concept Teased Ahead of SEMA360 Reveal

    Looks to be a tray-back with a fixed rear panel, plus a drawer underneath. Maybe when they stuck the spare on the back they installed a big fat extended-range fuel tank? Gotta be a ladder somewhere to get to that bike on top. Fun stuff-
  19. 6.4L V8 Hemi (392) possibly "real world" testing for future Gladiator model

    Do you have a build thread? What mileage are you getting? Thx! Edit: Found one: