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  1. Midwest Trail Jeep

    I'd for sure recommend it. I thought about the Rough Country and other spacer lifts before going with Teraflex. I like that each corner comes with a 0.5" and 1" spacer so you have three levels of adjustability. When I do lift all four corners and add a bumper/which, I can still use all or part...
  2. Trail Gladiator

    Trail Gladiator

  3. Midwest Trail Jeep

    November 26th, 2020 Went for a Thanksgiving morning ride in the backyard. I'm very happy with the new wheels and tires. I think a 2.5" lift will work well and won't make the tires look too small.
  4. Midwest Trail Jeep

    November 25th, 2020 Surprised my wife on her birthday by bringing home the Jeep with new wheels and tires. I couldn't recommend @Discount Tire more if you're looking for wheels/tires. Reach out to them via PM! Wheels: Icon Alloys Compression - Bronze | 17x8.50 | -6mm Offset | 4.5" Backspace...
  5. Midwest Trail Jeep

    November 6th, 2020 Installed the Teraflex 1.5” Performance Spacer Leveling Kit raising the front of the Gladiator and removing the factory rake. No good before and after photos but I took measurements showing the front edge of the front bumper came up close to 2" and the front door went up by...
  6. Midwest Trail Jeep

    October 6th, 2020 My wife and I picked up a Black 2021 Gladiator Sport. Factory Options: Cold Weather Group Technology Group Convenience Group Trailer-Tow Package 3-piece Freedom Top 8.4-inch radio with Premium Audio Group Active Safety Group Premium front bumper Body-color fender flares...
  7. Does a a 1.5” Spacer lift affect steering.

    That's really weird. Not that it changed your steering, but that when I installed my 1.5" Teraflex kit, I started having to point at 12:15 or so to go straight on a non-windy day. If you increased the distance from the frame to the axle, that would increase the distance from the end of the...
  8. Red Rock Bedside Sliders?

    Thanks so much for this post. I had been considering these but based on the thorough photos showing the modification required to the OEM bumper, I'm removing this from my list of mods. Thanks again!
  9. Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Concept revealed by Mopar

    How about those fenders?! Let's see those sold in the mopar catalog.
  10. Amber Driving lights! Yes Please!

    Do you have a link to the Amazon lights/brackets you purchased?
  11. Jeep Concept Teased Ahead of SEMA360 Reveal

    I know this is just a drawing but I would like to see a swinging spare carrier like a wrangler on this setup. Something that could hold the bike behind the spare to get it off the roof. Swinging out the carrier could get you to two big doors into the back or even a liftgate.
  12. Lets see those Sport S Gladiators with 35" tires and wheels !!

    Yes, stock wheels/tires (245/75R17 Dueller H/T 685) with no suspension modifications. Looks like you got 1.2 inches in sidewall gain and 3.25 from the lift. Then there's the matter of your bumper which may be heavier than stock and would be weighing down the front. That's a heck of a gain from...
  13. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    Where are the pics?! I'm interested in seeing the Compression wheels.
  14. Snow!

    What size tires are those? And are they on Icon wheels?
  15. Lets see those Sport S Gladiators with 35" tires and wheels !!

    My Sport (no max tow) is 20.8" at the same spot. Accounting for 1.8" difference in sidewall, I'd say you got all and more of the advertised 3.5" lift. :)
  16. Molle bed panels

    Thanks! I have looked around on your site and I'm wondering if I'm correct in my assumption... Do I buy one of JTRMP-PC for either side of my bed? Just flip around the non-logo piece to install on the left side from the way it's shown in the website photos?
  17. Lets see those Sport S Gladiators with 35" tires and wheels !!

    If you haven't changed your tire size/suspension, would you mind getting a measurement from your bottom door gap to the ground? Thanks!
  18. Rubicon Rear Quarter Rock Slider

    Feel free to post your experience with those sliders here. They may be just the thing as a Rubi replacement.
  19. Awful time deciding! 35 vs 37! Help!

    Thanks! I don't recall, do you have a lift? I'm thinking of a 2.5" RE lift and I don't know if I'd need to change out fenders. I already have the "premium" bumper w/o air dam.
  20. Molle bed panels

    @JcrOffroad Do these use only factory mounting points meaning no drilling? TIA!