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  1. Jeep Christmas Decorations???

    This is exactly what I did. This is the amazon wreath. I have the Badge Glow aux board installed (LINK) so it makes wiring into the aux switches SUPER easy. I have it wired to aux 4 and its set to come on with the ignition automatically. I have mine sitting where it is so my trail cam can...
  2. MrFahrenheit's Red Rubi

    Little bit of an update on the oil catch can. After maybe 500 miles I am surprised at how much oil has been captured in this thing. This is just from normal errand runs, not much highway and no off-roading. This is on an almost new engine as well.
  3. Glass Shards Everywhere & Scratched Up Hardtop From Back Glass Replacement

    Why do people always toss out this recommendation? Did lawyers start offering their services for free at some point and I didn't hear about it? A lawyer could cost more than just purchasing a new hardtop outright Maybe a few hundred bucks to have them write a cookie cutter letter or something...
  4. Why the Overland

    The Rubicon and Mohave are more niche models. If you wanted to put the models in terms of something like Ford, the base sport is the XL, the Sport S is the XLT, the Overland is the Limited. The Overland lets you get some of the options available in the Rubicon/Mohave that you can't get in the...
  5. Anyone notice the mopar Cold air kit?

    Quadratic has some good pictures of it. The cutout is pretty similar to the Mopar snorkel kit.
  6. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    NICE! I have been eying this for a long time. Thanks for posting!
  7. Can anyone identify this rock rail/step?

    Looks like those are the mopar performance rock rails. PN 82215606 EDIT: PN is right as long as those are the right length for the Gladiator
  8. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    Looks like Ace Engineering's Slider sale is active now. 25% off. Essentially pays for shipping for me.
  9. I think I’m the worse driver ever..

    Even with 35’s that seems bad. Like something wrong bad unless your out doing brake stands at every stop sign.
  10. Grille Inserts with Trail cam

    I would assume by him asking vendors about this that he has the factory trail cam so probably not a real good option. @TBuck Could you just cut out around the area the trail cam is?
  11. Heated seats with remote start?

    Only my drivers side activates with my remote start.
  12. Hotheads hardtop headliner worth every penny

    I did the side panels and sound assassin strips. The side panels, at the very least, provide a much more finished look to the top
  13. Quadratec Stealth 50" Interior Mount LED Lightbar

    A guy reviewed it on YT and it didn't seem all that impressive to me. It didn't seem too powerful. He goes out at night and shows with his headlights on and then with the lightbar on and it seemed the light was just a bit wider than his normal headlights with not a lot of distance gain. Also...
  14. MrFahrenheit's Red Rubi

    Another project I knocked out this weekend was adding the Badge Glow Aux board. I wanted something that was going to be ready and easy to connect things too underneath the hood without having to dig out the wires and wire the connection. This fits the...
  15. MrFahrenheit's Red Rubi

    With all the rave about oil catch cans I decided to add one to my Gladiator. I used the same cheap stuff as seen in the JK Gear and Gadgets video on YouTube. After watching a few others it seemed like a decent thing to add. I placed my catch can in the open space between the Power...
  16. Not eligible for Jeep Wave?

    When I bought my 2020 rubicon I had an issue with the jeep wave not showing. I called the support number and they found that I wasn’t listed as “owner” (just some status field) so it didn’t register. They updated it and it now shows on my truck. The above is a screen capture from the jeep...
  17. So, what is everybody towing?

    Since there is no slide on that one, it looks like the only model that Outdoor RV has without a slide is the Creek Side 21RD: 5285 dry 7250 Gross, 550lbs Tongue Weight, etc etc.
  18. Clayton 3.5 lift with 40's?

    @dodgeman70592 do you have a space in the front too? Clayton advertises they keep some of the factory rake but your JT looks level. Is it just an optical illusion from the picture or does it sit level?
  19. Red antennas?

    Couple on amazon from a quick search: This is a 4" one: This one is a 13" one: If you want full length you...