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  1. Added bumper weight

    This is true for sure, and that's the main reason I went with a full width over a stubby. I can't explain the increase in mpgs though but it could be because I remove the sections from the bumper to the fenders on my stock bumper and the full width closed that gap back up. It's a guessing game...
  2. Hybrid Tires? What are you running?

    To compare a Kenda Tire to a BFG is laughable but I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion once again we will have to agree to disagree on that. A BFG is not a RT for sure but in my opinion it's one of the best if not the A/T you can buy. We have them on our fleet vehicles at work and they...
  3. Added bumper weight

    If you add that bumper and winch and remove the stock one you may or may not lose MPGs, especially if not lifted. I was lifted 2.5" and running 35's when I added my front full width bumper and Badlands winch and I was surprised that my MPGs actually increased a little,I went from averaging 18.5...
  4. Hybrid Tires? What are you running?

    I've never had a problem getting mine balanced and they don't have me anymore weights than any other tire I've ever ran Don't see how a proven tire can be over rated and your comparison is a Kenda Tire which is a great budget tire but about unless in mud and don't get me started on sand when...
  5. Hybrid Tires? What are you running?

    They did, my 2010 JKU came with 32" BFG M/Ts and I didn't like those. I switch to 35" Toyo M/Ts and had those on mine for about 6,000 miles and man you could barely hear yourself talk inside the JK with windows up. If I had the windows down and top off its almost unbearable. I took those off...
  6. Headlight Upgrade for Sport S W/ Max Tow

    No I didn't have to there was no hyperflashing on mine with these. I do have a JScan but I didn't have to set for the leds because I wasn't experiencing any flickering or hyperflashing. Same thing with the Hikari Headlight bulbs I'm running, they don't need resistors and they don't flicker either.
  7. Does anyone not regret ordering a hard top when they bought their Jeep?

    Three twill and one black diamond. First one was Black diamond and it started coming apart and the seam at 63,000 miles. In all fairness, one of the twill ones got cut up by someone trying to get inside.
  8. Mismatched Spare Tire

    They all have a 17-in spare that's the common size for all models
  9. Hybrid Tires? What are you running?

    I guess everyone has a opinion so we will agree to disagree and move on
  10. Mismatched Spare Tire

    Yeah I'd like to see the wheel stamped 18 as well.
  11. Headlight Upgrade for Sport S W/ Max Tow

    The brightness is not regulated by any DOT as far as I know when it comes to DRL or turn signals, I know for sure not in NC. It may be different in other states but I doubt it. It's not like they throw light out like a headlight or foglight, they are freaking turn signal bulbs and DRLs, they...
  12. Hybrid Tires? What are you running?

    A KM2 is not a A/T it's a M/T the KO2 is the BFG A/T, I've never ran a set 9f the KM2s but as most would tell you, there aren't many M/TS that wear good for on road daily driving. Honestly I've ran a ton of tires over the years and as far as road noise goes I've never had a set of tires quieter...
  13. Headlight Upgrade for Sport S W/ Max Tow

    Not true, they are not hazardous to on coming traffic. I have never had any issues with getting flashed or anything and I have been beside of a Rubicon with the led package and they are about the same In brightness. They don't really have a beam pattern, they are about like your led tag lights...
  14. Headlight Upgrade for Sport S W/ Max Tow

    So, who's gonna know. They only check to see if it's working when they do a inspection.
  15. Does anyone not regret ordering a hard top when they bought their Jeep?

    I regret getting the soft top on with mine. I have the hard and soft top and I'll never use the soft top. Pretty much a waste but the wife want let me sell it because she thinks as soon as I do I'll find a reason to need one again. So it's in the box it came in sitting in my garage. After...
  16. Labor pricing to install 2" MOPAR lift?

    Lake norman Dodge quoted me $1700 labor only to install the Mopar lift on my JKU when I was looking at lifts, $3300 for everything. Hendricks told me $900 labor. I ended up buying a different lift kit and a buddy and I did it in the driveway in 4hrs. That was swapping all the springs, Dragline...
  17. New 35 BFGs on Dirty Life wheels

    Looks great!!!! Your gonna love those BFGs:like:
  18. Headlight Upgrade for Sport S W/ Max Tow

    Get Sylvania Zevo 7443 Led bulbs for the Drl, I have those for the DRL and the turn signal and they are super bright. You can almost drive with just them on and see. I got my DRL set to the turn signals. 7443 led amber for turns 7443 led white for DRL Turn Signals only. Both together
  19. Hybrid Tires? What are you running?

    If I was you I'd look at the BFG KO2S as well, probably the best all around tire you can buy, they work in Mud, rain,sand, ice and snow. It's a proven tire and probably the most popular. They cost but there is a reason for that. I'd say it's the best daily driver/ moderate wheeler tire you can...
  20. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I guess if everyone else is getting it done then I might as well jump on the wagon. I'm going In for my third oil change in a few days, what are the key things to mention so I can be prepared. I'll probably throw my stock Steering Stabilizer back on, that way it will make the steering feel a...