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  1. Rear Seat Dog bed?

    I chose a full seat delete as well to have a flat surface for the dog and to have a lower platform for him to jump in and out of. I sprayed the diamond plate with Lizard skin to make a non slip surface. It is so much easier to vacuum up dog hair as opposed to carpet. I built it with the...
  2. Moab recommendations

    We did Moab last August in a stock Rubi JT. Did the first half of Fins with a trailer. My RZR broke down in the middle of fins and I had to rescue it. The JT did great but my 14 ft trailer suffered some minor damage. We also did La Sal Mt pass, Schafer switchbacks, and Chicken corners with no...
  3. Mopar factory trailer brake controller - my impressions and review

    ShadowsPapa, sorry for your loss ($). Thank you for the write up! I was about to order one today until I read your post. That is disappointing. No other truck manufacturers have a problem with brake controllers. You would think after all these years that Jeep has spent developing a truck with 7k...
  4. Hauling dogs? What’s your setup?

    They are Weathertech door protectors. The work great and keep the dog collar and tags from scratching the panels. They clean up easy. I got them on Amazon.
  5. Bed lining the cab

    It’s a little quieter. The first coat is a sound deadened and the second coat is a thermal barrier. I can’t say how much it has helped because I got ceramic tint on all my windows and I have the Hot Head liners in. The vehicle is very comfortable as far as temp and noise. The main reason I put...
  6. Bed lining the cab

    I thought the same thing for the entire time I worked on this. It would be so easy in the build process before everything was installed.
  7. Bed lining the cab

    That was one of my first mods. We have a German Shepherd that sheds like crazy. Getting dog hair out of the carpet was a major pia! I stripped out the seats and carpeting and sprayed the entire floor pan with Lizard Skin. It was a four day job with prep, but came out great! It’s so easy to...
  8. Sting Grey Wheel Color

    Sharp!! I like it!
  9. My rear seat delete

    Thanks guys. I’ve been planning it for a year. Fortunately I used to do a lot of metal work. I’m not so good with wood.
  10. Hauling dogs? What’s your setup?

    We have a GSD and no kids, so we don’t need the back seats. When I got the truck the first thing I did was remove the rear seats, remove the carpeting, and sprayed the entire floor with Lizard Skin. I put Weathertech floor mats in the front. Now it’s easy to sweep up the dog hair. I built...
  11. My rear seat delete

    Built with aluminum diamond plate, over coated with Lizard Skin. Trap doors to access storage underneath as well as hardware storage bin. Lots of tie downs. Total cost was about $650 and a lot of hours, but well worth it.
  12. Rear bumper recommendations?

    Addictive Desert Design stealth an American Trail. The Stealth fighter is a trim and sleek low profile bumper while the American Trail looks more like a truck bumper. I got the stealth on order but I really like the AT.
  13. New Mexico Rubicon parts for sale

    I have the OEM front plastic bumper with tow hooks and led fog lights for sale, $125 and the full carpet set for $50. I bought the truck in December and removed the carpeting and bumper in April. I don’t want to ship, so you ll need to pick up in Albuquerque. Everything is in excellent, like...
  14. Glad(iator) Dogs! Let's see 'em!

    Thank you! He travels good.
  15. Glad(iator) Dogs! Let's see 'em!

    DROGO loves to ride in the Jeep and Rzr
  16. Flat Tow Vehicle Battery Charging

    Jeff, I ve never run with a charge wire. As I said the Invisibrake takes care of the battery. Once it is installed and set up, there’s nothing else to do. It’s secure and out of the way. I had it in my Wrangler and just installed it in the JT. I have a front bumper on order and when I get that...
  17. Flat Tow Vehicle Battery Charging

    What is on that’s draining the battery? I’ve towed a wrangler for five years without a problem and am setting up my Gladiator for towing now. I use the Roadmaster Invisibrake which has a charge line to the battery from the coach, but my ignition is off so there isn’t any real drain. Mark
  18. Anyone hear of “activating” trailer brake control?

    Ok. I ll look again Thanks guys. Mark
  19. Anyone hear of “activating” trailer brake control?

    So I’ve looked under the dash several times and have yet to spot the trailer brake control plug. I took the Gladiator to the Dealer today to check on a warning light. I asked the service rep about the TB controller and he told me that it needs to be activated, which costs about $125. Has...