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  1. Moab Run for JT only - Who's Down?

    It has been an eerie site for sure. I drive an OTR truck for UPS. My route runs Dallas to Salt Lake City twice a week, so I have the pleasure of passing through Moab 4x a week. It has been so strange seeing all the empty hotel parking lots and lack of traffic since the weather has warmed up. I...
  2. North Texas Buyers

    I believe he’ll beat any offer on paper.
  3. North Texas Buyers

    It was around 8% with the affiliate discount. I actually purchased a Chevy 2500 from Moritz back in 2015. My experience was less than enjoyable.
  4. Texas Check In

    Hey everyone! Fort Worth, Tx here.
  5. North Texas Buyers

    I’d like to make a recommendation for those looking to purchase a gladiator or any other FCA vehicle. I’d like to start off by mentioning I have no affiliation with this dealership, nor have I or will I be compensated for sending anyone there. The dealership I’m talking about is Southwest CDJR...
  6. ROLl CALL- How many have you owned?

    ‘00 XJ (sold) ‘12 JK (sold) ‘20 JT (current) Just a drop in the bucket compared to most.