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  1. Resale value

    So I just traded mine in. Dealers around here (Richmond VA area) are using KBB instant cash offer, which is very misleading if you go to KBB and plug in your info to get a trade value range. Don't assume the values you get from KBB/NADA/CARMAX etc will hold at a dealer. I had to fight to get...
  2. Virginia Central Virginia - Extang ALX Tonno Cover

    Everything else I listed was sold so I removed from this listing. Only thing left is: Extang ALX Trifecta folding tonno cover. Had on the truck just under three months before I went with a hard folding one. Has all the manuals and installation brackets. New these are $499. Asking $250.00...
  3. mounting marker lights on side mirrors

    My 2022 HA has them.
  4. .

    Perfect. Now if I can just figure out this Avenger symbol on my dashboard.......
  5. .

    So this is not where I come to find out the biggest tire I can install without a lift?
  6. New Competition: 6th Gen 2024 Ranger / Ranger Raptor Deliveries + First Press Reviews Are In

    I can't speak for the entire chain, but we have bought four vehicles from Sheehy Ford in Ashland and had no problems with them ever. But they have mentioned that the MD dealerships are difficult to deal with even for them. They apparently do not like transferring vehicles to any other...
  7. New Competition: 6th Gen 2024 Ranger / Ranger Raptor Deliveries + First Press Reviews Are In

    And of course the shitty dealer mark ups - New 2024 Ford Ranger RAPTOR SuperCrew® in Ashland #JE02316 | Sheehy Ford of Ashland (sheehyfordashland.com)
  8. Do it yourself or collect your "free oil changes"?

    I have had ZERO issues with my service department. Matter of fact they provide a video of everything they do/did whenever I bring it in. Jeep included 3 free oil changes/tire rotations when I bought it, so I am using them. That being said - there are people on here that have had horrible...
  9. My insurance went up

    I did go through a few brokers. Obviously, it is state specific too. Glad you were able to get the rates you did.
  10. My insurance went up

    I forgot to add I was also told Virginia was one of 13 states that they all did a huge rate increase.
  11. My insurance went up

    Good luck shopping around. I have Travelers and my Home and Auto went up 30% each. I got quotes from EVERYONE and Travelers still wound up being the lowest for me. In talking to different agents I was basically told the same thing over and over - rates are up because new car replacement costs...
  12. Help me figure out my dash display

    I honestly don’t know. It was either the ECU reboot or a weird coincidence. Either way it is back, for now.
  13. Help me figure out my dash display

    After I set the variables JSCAN said the ECU had to reboot. I wonder if rebooting it turned my missing setting back on. Either way I have it back and for some silly reason I am happy lol.
  14. Help me figure out my dash display

    So this morning I went outside to hook up my gateway extension cables and while I was all hooked up spun up JSCAN to set my auto headlight on and off variables. Did that and 30 minutes later had to run to the store and guess what came back “magically”?
  15. Who Wants to Compare Personal Property Taxes? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I'd love to know what they use to value vehicles out there where you are at and convince Hanover County to use the same!
  16. Who Wants to Compare Personal Property Taxes? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Our county uses NADA vale as of January 1st of the current year. Average trade in value supposedly. So I logged onto NADA on 1/1 and printed out a copy of my "value" as of 1/1/24. We shall see.