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  1. 20K reasons to celebrate ShadowsPapa

    Thanks Bill for your grand contributions to this forum, and all the help you have offered. You are a beacon of sanity on this forum. Cheers
  2. Front plates on new Gladiator

    I agree the front plate ruins the look of a lot of vehicles. I have a sports car, that does not have a front plate option, and took the front plate off my Dodge Dokata when I damaged the rear plate. My Gladiator does not have a front plate, asked the dealer no to install it (they did anyway)...
  3. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    Yes, yes you are…. Congratulations on your new Gladiator! cheers
  4. Didn't know all Gladiators are registered as commercial vehicles

    I agree, I live in a rural area of northern CA and we have a number of big logging trucks using the local two-lane highways, like Hwy 1, Hwy 128 which floods every year, and others The county main roads and state highways here are maintained very well, and are a pleasure to use. Cheers
  5. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    Nice, what brand fron mud guards do you have installe? Grand looking JT.
  6. Can we talk skid plates?

    Whist the front non-steel,p bumper plastic front trim under the bumper does off some skid plate type protection against brush, small branches and small rocks, it’s mai purpose is to act as an air dam to improve mileage. It is somewhat functional, but not required and can me removed. cheers
  7. Fake trim levels?

    The retro Scrambler look was an option you cou,d add to a Sport at one time, along with a special Florida edition…
  8. Fake trim levels?

    Yes, if you are going to put a performance level trim sticker on a Jeep, it should have those features. My Sport S has all the performance features of a Willys, but not the black wheels. Still, not going to put a Willys sticker on the hood. I might add the 4-Wheel Drive sticker on the...
  9. Fake trim levels?

    What wheels did you use, looks very nice… cheers
  10. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    You might want to wait, and consider getting a JT 4xe (hybird) when it comes out in 2022. This will have greater torque than a diesel, and get better mileage also. My JT is a Sport SE, with maxtow rear suspension, twill back tonneau cover and stock wheels at this point. Cheers
  11. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    Nice looking JT Adam, congratulations. I have thought about mounting the stubby bumper and skid plate on my JT. It looks grand on yours. Cheers
  12. Would you feel comfortable towing...

    Well, the Willys trim is just a Sport S with different wheels, and the Rubicon rock guard added. I have the Sport S Willys less the hood decal and new wheels, it was built before the Willys trim came out, and has everything a Willys trim Gladiator has except the decal and wheels. Does this make...
  13. Would you feel comfortable towing...

    I agree, a 7.5’ Wide Travel trailer is about as wide as you want to go. Ideally, your trailer wheel track should match the rear wheels on the TV. That is why the big 3/4 trucks used to tow the larger TVs have dual rear wheels to handle the load dynamic. The frontal area limit will be exceed...
  14. 1086lb Payload capacity, Mojave. What?

    Agreed LostWoods, well stated. Cheers
  15. 1086lb Payload capacity, Mojave. What?

    Hitting a deer (actually a large buck) happened to me whilst driving my wife’s Volt, now I only drive the Gladiator at or after dusk/dark. The next deer that wants to play chicken, is going to loose. I managed to go 40 years before that buck collided with me. I hope this will be the last...
  16. 1086lb Payload capacity, Mojave. What?

    This is not a mystery. The difference between the cargo ratings shown here is the difference in weight of the vehicle itself, including equipped options, it all adds up. The MaxTow has a bigger axle, thus it has a larger cargo capacity over a Sport S with tow package, given all other options...
  17. Took Delivery of Your JT? Sign in Here!

    Covid has changed the way a lot of dealers work these days, doing as much as possible via email or online.
  18. What was your favorite Jeep (other than the JT)?

    The civilian Jeep that started it all, 1946 CJ2A.
  19. Slight pull to the right...can't figure it out.

    I had the dealer take care of my Gladiator ’s toe in when the stearing box was rep,aced under the recall advisory earlier this year, they sent it to a front end specialist shop to have the front end alignment done. Solved my pull to the right issue. cheers
  20. Factory Holes at top of door in roll cage.

    Those holes are for several accessorie, like inside roof mounted handle grips and the Sunrider soft top. cheers