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  1. Max Tow package gets bigger brakes?

    Looking to order a pad/rotor kit for each end of my Sport S with the max tow package. I have two options for rear rotor size and two options for front pads: single or dual piston calipers. It is 8 degrees here and I am trying to avoid pulling the wheels to check. It makes sense that the HD...
  2. Different ratings between JL & JT wheel ratings

    Any proof they are different or is this so much BS?
  3. Mounting Location For A Traditional Brake Controller

    I have mocked it up under the steering wheel per the common video that the search turned up. Probably because I have short legs I hit it with my right shin. Does anyone have pics of alternate locations?
  4. Volume for google maps through CarPlay

    The audio from either of my navigation apps is woefully inadequate. I cannot find a way to adjust the volume. Is there such a way?
  5. Big MPG jump

    Originally was getting around 14 mpg for the first 700 miles in typical Suburban driving. Then I installed the heavy e-rated 295/75/17 M/T’s and a leveling kit and mileage dropped to 11.8. So I made the mistake of doing two mods at roughly the same time: I had the ECM flashed for my bigger...
  6. Check Fuel Cap Warning

    While driving the above warning flashed on the screen and now a gas cap icon is illuminated on the dash. It had been 147 miles since I filled up and when I pulled over to check the cap was fine. Ideas?
  7. HikeIt, iDrive, or Pedal Commander

    Your choice and why? Pros/Cons?
  8. Another day another Truck of the Year award [Rocky Mountain Automotive Press Association]

    FCA Press Release: Rocky Mountain Automotive Press Association Names All-new 2020 Jeep® Gladiator ‘Truck of the Year’ 2020 Jeep® Gladiator named Rocky Mountain Automotive Press (RMAP) “Truck of the Year” in its first year of eligibility RMAP jurors considered attributes like performance, fuel...
  9. Pedal Commander Initial Review

    After just a few hundred miles on my Pedal Commander.... It really is as easy to install as the company claims. It took less then 10 minutes for the physical install and most of that was finding the mounting spot I wanted. Pairing the unit to my phone was a breeze and I had it up and running...
  10. Rugged Liner Drop-in Liner Issue

    Orded the below-rail liner and the bed portion installed easily. The tailgate portion was another matter. The top has an L bend that did not work with the bed rail cap pictured below. Although I neglected to take a picture of the L beforehand you can see where I had to trim it off to get a...
  11. Rugged Liner or Mopar drop-in liner...

    Preferences? The Mopar is $100 more than the Rugged Liner.
  12. Interest in a Max Tow tailgate decal?

    I have no design ability but I was wondering about a “max tow” decal of some sort to go under the Sport decal on the tailgate. Any interest? If so any ideas on design and how to go about getting it done?
  13. HARD shifting from 2hi to 4hi

    i mean not just hard but sometimes it just will not shift neither moving nor stationary despite several tries When it does go it is from max effort. Dealer time or keep trying to loosen it up? I have tried maybe 20 times.
  14. Front splash guard removal?

    Has anyone removed the front splash guard...the plastic piece under the front bumper on Sport and Sport S that mimics a skid plate? If so do you hav pics? What purpose does this serve. TIA
  15. Confirming 297/75/17 with no lift

    Actually 295/70/17. Per Yokohama the tire is 33.5x12. I have a stock Sport max tow with stock rims. The tires are here but my leveling kit was delayed until Monday and I won’t have another chance to install it until next weekend. Do you think I would be safe installing the tires for the week...
  16. Good IOS GPS app is to verify Speedo

    Looking for a recommendation for an app that shows your speed to verify the speedometer before and after re-flash...