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  1. Stellantis Straight 6 may be coming

    For those of you who are hoping and looking forward to the jeep straight-six here is a teaser that I found on a Hemmings email that I receive. Hope it comes to fruition. Specs sound really great if they follow through. Dave Stellantis Likely Won’t Name Its Upcoming Straight-Six After the... |...
  2. Dang! Even Gorilla Glass wouldn't have helped with this rock to the windshield!

    Man, I'd like to see the tire that threw that one up! LOL! Glad everyone was ok. Dave
  3. Problem this morning!!

    I understand, and thats the problem. I drive my truck all the time(only vehicle). I drive it the day before putting more than 20 miles on it and it is perfect. The next morning...Kaput! No, headlights, overheads, ignition left on overnight and weird things happening when I try to start it the...
  4. Problem this morning!!

    While I really like my Gladiator, in the two years I've owned it, I'm on my 3rd set of batteries. Everything else has been great. I had the same thing happen to me last time. Told me I was not in Park(it was), could not turn to OFF, one headlight on, windshield wipers activated, and dash lit up...
  5. Current opinion of the Bronco?

    Great write-up with real-world experience with both vehicles. Have fun with both Dave
  6. What happened to color?

    Here in Phoenix Arizona, one buys white out of self-defense from the heat and sun. LOL! Dave
  7. MY22 color wish list

    I always liked "Jeep Green" which was on my 08 2dr Rubicon JK. Wouldn't mind seeing that one come back. Dave
  8. Aux Battery Charging?

    My ESS would not charge and ESS was not available. Took it in to have the AUX battery checked and dealer replaced it and the main battery also. No problems since. Dealer said my main was also bad. Dave
  9. One thing that sucks about my jeep......slammed doors!

    On my former 08 and 16 Rubicon 2dr's my doors seemed really tight and sealed well. I had to give the doors a little extra effort to get them to seal and close. Of course, living in AZ I would crack the windows when I parked the jeeps in the sun. I would come out get in and close the doors with a...
  10. Rubicon OEM rear bumper steel vs plastic?

    I thought all Rubicons came with a steel rear bumper ( at least 2020). At least mine did and I initially had the plastic front bumper which I replaced with the optional mopar steel bumper. If I am incorrect please feel free to correct me. Dave
  11. I love my Jeep truck!!! Love it!

    Beautiful area, and truck, and family experience. Thanks for sharing. Dave
  12. Will animals tear up the interior if I leave the top and doors off all night?

    That was a beautiful truck. Heartbreaking! Dave
  13. Will animals tear up the interior if I leave the top and doors off all night?

    I think the general consensus here is that it is very possible that damage may be done. Many nocturnal animals are scavengers by nature and are naturally curious about things/objects that are out of the ordinary. They could be seeking safety, warmth, food, etc. If it was me I would lock it up...
  14. Textured black or body color match hard top?

    Black texture painted top, body-color fenders on white. Had a choice for either all painted or mine. For me, it was just a little too much white all painted body color so I took the black top. I will admit that living in Phoenix AZ the white top would have been the practical way to go but who's...
  15. Auto Start-Stop at high temperatures ?

    LOL! One of things that make it bearable in the Summer months, if you can find shade and even a slight breeze any perspiration evaporates quickly and it's not too bad. You have to love the desert though. Dave
  16. Check Your Insurance Coverage

    This is a great point that one should be careful about when insuring a classic or valuable automobile. There are no guarantees that the insurance company will pay the stated value in the insurance policy. Agreed or guaranteed value is definitely the way to go if you don't mind paying the...
  17. Can the lockable storage box be rekeyed?

    I believe this is where I bought mine. 2018-2020 Jeep Glove Box Lock Assembly Cylinder 68384451AA | Mopar One Online
  18. Paging: someone who bought a used underseat storage box

    First of all, I bought a new storage box that came without locks. The latches have holes with little flanges inside so that when you insert a correctly assembled cylinder, will allow the lock to be rotated and locked into place. One must insert the key in the lock cylinder to have enough...
  19. Paging: someone who bought a used underseat storage box

    As far as I know you will have to carefully drill them out. Ask me how I know? I put one my new cylinders together incorrectly and Had to drill it out and replace it with one done correctly. Dave