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  1. Unknown bracket - help identify

    I'd be more concerned as to why your trans cross brace is moving around…. You can see the shiny spots of the bolt washers in the first photo of this post.
  2. Induction heater for body bolts

    Generally you rarely have to get the hardware that hot to have things come apart. if your fighting loctite, 500f is more than enough. Things like a nut, the beauty of induction heating is it happens fast and the nut heats way before the stud does. That temp diff is to your benifit...
  3. Induction heater for body bolts

    I recommend the Bolt Buster. Twice as powerful as any of the others. Comes with a slew of coils. Excellent piece of kit.
  4. Alu-cab cabin canopy on a daily driver?

    The RTT is Alucab also. I had the OVS awning installed on the canopy before getting the RTT. You need roof cross rails for the canopy topper and the awning came with brackets to attach to rails. After the RTT install the awning was moved to brackets coming off the RTT.
  5. Alu-cab cabin canopy on a daily driver?

    That’s the camper. Can't give input on that exactly but pretty close to my setup. '20 Rubicon. I have the Alucab topper with their RTT and a OVS 270 canopy. Bed slideout that is loaded depending on what I'm doing. Daily 2/3 of the year. A lot of 3hr highway trips. Aero more of an issue than...
  6. Alu-cab cabin canopy on a daily driver?

    You should clarify what your asking. Are you asking about an awning, or a topper or the slide in camper? Alucab has them all.
  7. We bought a camper! (Towing question/help please!!!)

    So how do you like your trailer? How has the towing experience been? You've had it a month…. must be something to follow up on.
  8. Aux. Battery: When did yours die (or how old is it now if it hasn't)?

    OEM batteries since June '19. No issues whats so ever.
  9. Alucab RTT Aero Mod

    Just an update to this thread. I'm seeing a 1.5 mpg gain at highway speeds of 75-78 mph. Still lots of bugs on the windshield but very few on the aero mod. Thats my wind tunnel test! Pretty pleased with the results. Only downside is it does affect Sirius reception so I have to do an...
  10. Squished Max Tow rear springs, any better aftermarket options?

    Another issue with measuring to the ground from the hitch is any crown to the driveway or road. Asphalt is rarely very flat. Air bags are a great suspension tuning tool for dealing with variable loads. If plumbed individually they help with wallowing with soft springs.
  11. Squished Max Tow rear springs, any better aftermarket options?

    Your 22.5” height to the bottom of the hitch seems awfully high result from a 1/2” spacer lift. My OEM Rubicon with about 375 lbs in the bed is no where near that high.
  12. Squished Max Tow rear springs, any better aftermarket options?

    Not a very believable scenario……
  13. We bought a camper! (Towing question/help please!!!)

    Nice trailer but I don't think you will like towing it. Pretty easy to load up a camper to gross and it is big. Start adding up realistic numbers for a 3 day weekend…. Actually weigh your stuff, you'll see it adds up pretty quick. 375lbs water, 40lbs propane, food, beverages, bottled water...
  14. Trailer lights

    I have LED JT lighting, no issues with incandescent trailer lights. Not exactly what you're asking but I don't think trailer lights have much affect.
  15. Sirius/Satellite Antenna

    Good job. I don't think I can bring myself to drill a hole in the top... Freedom panel is a good choice as it is a least replaceable. I still have use of my panels so not a cable pass thru option for me. Did you cut and splice the cable to get it thru the marine fitting?
  16. Sirius/Satellite Antenna

    @Vanishing Point Did you jack the new antenna and cable into the head unit or use an extension cable jacked into the antenna end of the OEM cable? How did you route your cable out and to the new antenna?
  17. Sirius/Satellite Antenna

    Still don't know for sure whether it is two separate antennas or not. My nav works well but Sirius drops every few minutes and is often “searching for signal”. I think GPS is a more robust signal and a larger satellite network. If the antennas are separate and both on the rollbar that may...
  18. Sirius/Satellite Antenna

    I miss gas station maps….. and the joy of folding them back up!
  19. Sirius/Satellite Antenna

    So I'm under the impression that the OEM antenna is a combination Sirius and GPS for the nav system. Are any of the aftermarket antennas set up like this and are they an improvement in reception? I'm unsure of the route to go. Seen the visor mounting and a mounting in the grill at the base of...
  20. Sirius/Satellite Antenna

    I'm near Gorham, in Saco. Need to relocate antenna due to rooftop obstructions. Freedom panels can be removed but not the hardtop. Trying to decide if I should just buy another antenna and cable or try to get to the OEM.