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  1. Hard top and Chase bar and BuiltRite cargo rails

    I'm looking to add a chase bar to my '21 JTO. I currently have a MOPAR soft rollup cover. I've recently purchased, and will install shortly, the @BuiltRight cargo management rails. I also like to swap the hard top and the soft top in the spring and fall. I don't have a garage (so a roof...
  2. Reassembly of Oracle Lighting Skid plate with LED Emitters

    February 2022 I installed the Oracle Skid Plate (https://www.oraclelights.com/products/oracle-lighting-skid-plate-with-integrated-led-emitters-for-jeep-wrangler-jl-and-gladiator-jt) (yellow lights) and honestly it's saved my ass a couple times in a torrential downpour driving to Florida and in a...
  3. Storing the hardtop

    I know there are a ton of DIY hoist solutions, but that isn't an option for me. The best option for me is on a cart. I've seen a few designs kind of like the Quadratec cart, where the hardtop is supported glass side down. For anyone that has used that solution long term (like over the summer...
  4. FAST HD Shred?

    Is anyone running the Fast HD Shred? I'm having issues finding images. I'm looking at the Gunmetal with my Black Overland.
  5. New Mopar 2" inch lift coming out?

    Had my '21 Glad JTO in getting a fender replaced, and asked about the MOPAR 2 inch lift. Up here in Canada they want $2,800 (on sale!) for the kit (https://www.moparpartscanada.ca/oem-parts/mopar-suspension-lift-kit-77072468ae?c=az0xJnE9NzcwNzI0NjhBQg%3D%3D). The tech said he thought they were...
  6. Wrong Cowl?

    November in Ontario and it's plenty warm enough to wash the (black) truck by hand in short sleeves. So I did. And I noticed this. I've owned the (black) truck for 19 months from new. I've never done any work with the cowl on that side of the truck. So the question is: do I have someone...
  7. Jeep China fail

  8. Tow hook rust

    I've seen one other post where someone mentioned tow hook rust. My 2021 Gladiator Overland is 13 and half months old to me (date of mfr 8-20). I've got rust forming on the "frame" that surrounds the rear tow hook. Is this common/normal, or would it be covered under some warranty? (I'm in...
  9. New rims (Canada) pricing

    I live in Southern Ontario. I'm swapping out my winter tires for summer tires. I still only have the 1 set of the Overland (18") rims that came with the truck. So I ask the service adviser at the dealer to quote a second set of factory OEM rims. She comes back with approximately $800. PER...
  10. sticker/decal for my non lifted, non big wheeled JTO??

    Maybe with a "Here I come to save the day" somewhere?
  11. Does this pass the smell test?

    I don't want to give away too much, so I hope this isn't too vague. There's a product I'd like to buy from a pretty well known vendor on this forum. The vendor's website says the item is out of stock (not surprising). I email the contact on the company's website, saying I'm interested in the...
  12. Rear Window leak question

    I've got a question about the rear window leak. I've got a 2021 Overland. This summer, it has sat through some pretty heavy downpours, drove through some REALLY heavy downpours, gone through a carwash (just twice), and it has never leaked. But I've never taken the back off the truck, and so...
  13. HotHead Headliners to Canada

    Has anyone had the Headliners and Sound Assassin products shipped to Canada? What was the import duty charged?
  14. 230 kg (500 lb) Leveling Kit

    Rake? What rake?
  15. Gas mileage: A/C versus Windows down

    A long time ago someone told me running the A/C with windows up gets better gas mileage than A/C off and windows down. I completely understand one of the objectives of owning the JT is the convertible, and I actually love the roof off as well. And I also understand the JT is never going to get...
  16. Does anyone in Southern Ontario use Krown?

    Just wondering about how effective it is. Got a 2021 Gladiator Overland. Don't want to void a warranty, but I don't want the thing falling apart, either.
  17. Cleats?

    1st post. Please excuse if this is not in the right forum. I drove my Black 2021 Overland off the lot about 4 weeks ago. So far I've resisted the urge to modify it, but it's difficult. I'm brand new to the Jeep world. In the late 90s I moved back to Canada after living in Sweden for a few...