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  1. Snow performance (Road Trip) with studded Hakkapalita

    I had nothing in the bed. It just tracked great. Don’t know that I needed 4hi on the passes but it gave me confidence. I’ve run Nokias before on a LR3 without studs and they were great. These are just better.
  2. Snow performance (Road Trip) with studded Hakkapalita

    I split my time. Grew in in Bozeman but work in Seattle. Jeep lives in Montana. Hard to get a good tread pic today.
  3. Snow performance (Road Trip) with studded Hakkapalita

    Mostly running in 2wd except over passes, then 4 hi. My rubicon doesn’t have selectrack.
  4. Snow performance (Road Trip) with studded Hakkapalita

    Needed to get back from Bozeman to Seattle on Sunday and my flight was cancelled as Seattle shutdown with snow. No flights for days so I decided to drive. Gotta say that this car performed very well. Over 400 miles without seeing pavement, driving only on snow and ice. Four passes. Temperatures...
  5. Need WINTER Tire recommendations for 2021 Willy’s Diesel—KM2’s NOT cutting it!!

    I recently put on the studded Hakkapalita for Montana. Had some snow but very icy roads last week and they performed well. Without I think I would have been all over the place. 140 accidents reported in Bozeman that day.
  6. Dedicated snow tires?

    Got my LT3s put on Friday and got to test in 5 inches of wet snow this morning. It will be a fun winter.
  7. What winch?

    I wanted to go Warn but got steered into the comeup. Significant cost differential and likely will be as much as I need. Originally went with the 12.5 but the control box looked out of place so switched for the 9.5. Comes with remote as well which is an add on to Warn. I know it's not as...
  8. Dedicated snow tires?

    I just ordered the same in Montana. Tried to buy locally and the only Nokian shop said they were back ordered 100 days. Meanwhile I had 4 in my Amazon shopping cart. Oh well. Be here Thursday. I have used Nokian in the past on my LR3 and dedicated snowtires make so much difference in places...
  9. Go Rhino Xtreme Overland Rack

    New here but appreciated the input while installing the Rhino. PITA to get together and on but I'm happy with the look for now. More to add.