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    Still for sale
  2. New York EXTANG Trifecta 2.0 tri-fold Tonneau Cover

    EXTANG TrIfecta 2.0 tri-fold Tourneau Cover $200 Pick only /. Delivery possible try-state area.

    FOR SALE BLACKHORSE ROLL BAR, (RB007BK) without lights. Works with most Tourneau Covers. PICK UP ONLY / DELIVERY POSSIBLE WITHIN TRI-STATE AREA replacing for a ARE cap. $400 Black Horse Light/Roll Bar for 2020+ Jeep Gladiator, textured satin black. Retails for $650 Can be used with or...
  4. New York CORE 4x4 Full Control Arms

    If it wasn’t so much to ship. They are pretty heavy

    Put NEW CORE 4X4 UPPER AND LOWER CONTROL ARMS on MY JT. STOCKS Ones only have 8,000 miles on them no damage and they have never been off road. Looking for $300 or OBO pick only NY TRI-state area.
  6. New York CORE 4x4 Full Control Arms

    I purchased a full set of Core 4X4 Contorl and sway bar for my JT. But when they arrived they were for a JK. They have never been installed. Paid $1,500 looking to get rid of them CORE 4X4 would not take them back because it was over the 30 day mark. Looking for $1,200 Pick up only...
  7. Oracle Flush Mount Tail Lights Issues

    Ok here's my second issue. Im running the EDGE pulsar in my JT. I went and bought the Taser but Pulsar won't let the Taser do its thing. This is complete bullshit. ORACLE should honestly be ashamed of the product they have put out. :mad: I cleared any DTCs on the pulsar but now...
  8. Oracle Flush Mount Tail Lights Issues

    I have the factory rear LED package. Getting the Left Turn and right turn Signal Out code. SO disappointed, that I waited five months for them to arrive as a plug and play and they don't work properly. Now I had plastic paperweights because I spent $400 on the lights and I am not spending an...
  9. New York Rubicon Steel Front Bumper

    no sure where u are.
  10. New York Rubicon Steel Front Bumper

    brian, just outside NYC in lower Westchester County.
  11. New York Sold: Rubicon Steel Front Bumper

    steel bumper with led fog lights, bull bar, winch plate and skid plate. Pick up only NY TRI-State area. $700 OBO.
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Which light did you use and where did you get it. I really like you set up.
  13. Need Help

    Alittle dremeling, but I got them to fit and think they are a huge improvement. Amazon came through again.
  14. Need Help

    Think I found a replacement light on AMAZON. Let's see how it works out.
  15. Need Help

    No it is completely glued I broke one already trying to separate it. Even heated it up in an oven.
  16. Need Help

    I bought an Overthread grille about 8 months ago. The grill has five amber lights in the grill. Two of them burnt out and one other is partially out. I contacted Overtread several times to get replacements and have gotten no where. Anyone know where I can get replacement lights? The...
  17. Massachusetts WTB - Factory Bed Slides.

    No i havent found out But PM so i can give u pics of the steps and we can discuss shipping