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  1. Tie Rod / Drag Link Choice?

    I went with the Rock Krawler Pro X tie rod and drag link. So far the tie rod as been great. Unfortunately I could not use the bottom mount drag link as I could not get it to work with my hydro assist. If I had the lift for a raised track bar I could have used the top mount drag link and it would...
  2. I have some time to decide. opinions wanted. LTX or HEMI

    5.7 and 6.4 are both cast iron blocks with aluminum heads. So weight would be about equal. In fact i do not believe any hemi has an aluminum block. You would have to do one of the LS's to get an aluminum block like the 6.2's Mine drives and tracks very well. In fact with all the mods and the...
  3. I have some time to decide. opinions wanted. LTX or HEMI

    AMW4X4 only does crate installs. You would need Bruiser or Jeep Speed Shop to do a used engine /trans install.
  4. I have some time to decide. opinions wanted. LTX or HEMI

    It is RPM Extreme. I hope the kits have improved. That is the kit that I got for my 6.0 LS, JKU conversion. Lots of little issues that never got fixed. Got really tired of it.
  5. I have some time to decide. opinions wanted. LTX or HEMI

    AMW4X4 5.7 here. Stock Rubicon axles with 4.88's, 38" Patagonia MT's, Chromoly axle shafts in the rear and RCV's in the front. Daily driven, multiple trips from Ks. to Colorado and Moab Utah pulling an 18' camper and running the trails then pulling back home, 34,000 miles so far, trouble free...
  6. Paint pens

    Ok, thank you.
  7. Tazer questions

    It should not cause a problem to unmarry it just will not display the correct speed and the trans may not shift correctly, no harm. I do believe if you remove the tazer you need to plug the connectors back into the security gateway.
  8. Paint pens

    Ordered Mopar paint. Looked like what you have listed when I ordered it. But got a pen with brush when showed up. Here are a few pictures.
  9. Paint pens

    What is up the PDN code? I wanted to order some for my stingray Gladiator and not only is it hard to find but some had it listed as destroyer gray. I can tell you they are not the same. Luckily it was a hidden spot so I just used it. Also it states .5 ml and what you get is a .3 ml pen. not a...
  10. Rear Pinion Leak

    Not uncommon for seals to leak after gear swaps. Had that happen on after getting a set of gears swapped, shop that did the install replaced the seal then did not install the seal but started the crush sleeve crush then installed the seal and finished the install. His thoughts were maybe the...
  11. 2025 Gladiator

    Anybody see this video yet? I have no validity to the info but just saw the video.
  12. Shocks 2 brands which one

    The more I see and read. You all may be right and I may need to increase the budget and look at the Fox 2.5 Elites with the Accutune tuning.
  13. Mojave rear shocks are bad at 18,000 miles

    Whoops, I am mistaken! After being questioned about my statement. I got to thinking (old man memory issues). It is the 2" Mopar lift that is getting the Bilstein shocks now. Sorry for the incorrect info.
  14. Mojave rear shocks are bad at 18,000 miles

    I am wanting to say that the Bilstein 5160 are what the OEM is using now. I was on a trail run at EJS this year and Bilstein was on it talking about their shocks and that Jeep has gone with them for the shocks.
  15. Shocks 2 brands which one

    Nothing wrong, just like the extra beef when ever replacing things. I tend to go that way when doing or replacing.
  16. Shocks 2 brands which one

    I forgot that someone had mentioned the Bilstein B8 5160 remote reservoir shock absorbers would probably do me just fine also. I think they may be the OEM shock on the Mojave now. they are around the $270 each range. But, still the corrosion issue.
  17. Shocks 2 brands which one

    Already had them upgraded to IFP and rebuilt a few months ago. Still not happy with them. I do tow my 18' 3500 lb. camper with it also.
  18. Shocks 2 brands which one

    Well the 2.0 smooth body would work but it would be nice if it had a .75 diameter shaft instead of .625 diameter. 2.5's would be closer to $3000 for a set. I remember Fox being pretty high back in the day of racing Quads on the MX track. Awesome shocks but you paid for them.
  19. Shocks 2 brands which one

    Yeah I see a lot of negatives from searches on the Falcons.