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  1. Any issues to report?

    Looking forward to this thread growing as new owners get a chance to realize not only the awesomeness of the new JT, but also any issues that arise. You may be able to fix these yourself, or want to go back to the dealer for a remedy. Let us non-owners / prospective buyers know how things are...
  2. Interesting Deal

    Not saying it's the best of anything due to low mile lease and stuff and things and etc., etc. fine print. Just interesting.
  3. Low range usage

    So this means I can lock the rear only in Low Range, right? Thus increasing the "tug" power of getting a heavy wagon moving in case that was a chore necessary on the farm without truly needing long distance towing. Just moving it around with turning capability on a hard surface. I added a...
  4. Underside / chassis photos of Jeep Gladiator

    I cannot seem to find anything of the underbelly of this beast. I'd like to see some frame/axle shots, wiring and line routing, maybe driveline & exhaust cohabitation. Did I miss a previous posting from the unveil where someone was able to crawl under and get some shots?
  5. Which 8-speed?

    Do we know which model of the 8sp will be used? Sorry if posted earlier. I think the designations are 8HPxx and assume each bigger number handles more tq. What do y’all know? Different by model (Sport vs Rubicon)?