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  1. Door Electrical Pins - Cruel Joke?

    I feel your pain. Each time I put the doors back on I wait to see what won't work.
  2. Just got my JTR back from paint repair

    You wonder how the painter could let it go out the door like that.
  3. Why don’t more people drive naked?

    I like going naked as often as possible. That's one of the main reasons I bought it. Mostly depends on the weather. If thinking of taking the doors off and it's going to rain in a day or two, I'll usually keep them on until the rain is past. I wouldn't mind taking them off and on every 2-3...
  4. Registering Manu. trailer as Homemade

    Went to the registry today. Explained the situation, women got on the phone with one of her bosses, plead my case and got it approved with the original VIN. Was very appreciative. As much as the DMV process sucks, I've always found most of the people working there helpful.
  5. Registering Manu. trailer as Homemade

    Bought a Rance 2007 aluminum car trailer, used. Have the title from the previous owner. In RI, if you buy a vehicle out of state, you need to bring to the police dept to get the VIN verified. Brought it by the police station, but the tag is in such bad shape you can't make out the whole VIN...
  6. Will Wrangler soft top fit Gladiator?

    I got the exact same deal on FB marketplace.
  7. The Future for the JT platform.

    I thought Stellantis was building a factory to add a whole bunch of their own aftermarket accessories?
  8. Stellantis withdrawal from the North American auto show circuit.

    Haven't been to a car show since I was 14. Went with a buddy, he brought his camera to take pictures of the new cars/trucks. Going through the pictures after he had them developed (early 80's). There were 5 pictures of cars and 19 pictures of models in bikinis.
  9. An advantage of amber fog lights

    I bought some yellow headlight tint on amazon for mine. Needed to put about 3-4 layers on to get a deep amber color. Only cost about $10.
  10. Need a quick tow package answer

    How does the larger alternator and fan help with the towing? Only ask because I just added a hitch to my Rubicon and will be towing about 4200lbs a couple of times next summer. Wonder if I need to upgrade the two?
  11. Gladiator sales down 22% in 4Q, 29% overall in 2023

    I'm wondering if you could even do that with these vehicles. The electronics seemed to be so intertwined with the engine, transmission, etc. I'm wondering if any modern car could make it as an antique in 20-25yrs. Technology changes so quickly it would probably be hard to find replacement...
  12. 23 Jeep Gladiator Mojave $49,236

    Good deal, congrats.
  13. Good Bye

    Good luck with it, enjoy.
  14. Fuel economy dropping

    Thanks everyone. Will just confirm the tire size with the Jscan today or tomorrow, if it's still good, I'll chalk it up to winter fuel. Tried it this morning my but the app needed to be updated and I had no signal on my phone. As far as it being the winter fuel, I only noticed the drop a few...
  15. Fuel economy dropping

    2021 JT with 55,000 miles. Added a 1.5" front leveling kit at 30,000 miles along with Falken Wildpeak 35's at the same time. Used my JScan to adjust the tire size. For quite a while was seeing 16-16.4 mpg average weekly. Combination of highway and city driving. Noticed the past couple of...
  16. Gladiator height and the age old question

    If you also have the soft top, make sure you'll have enough room for that also. I put 35's and a 1.5" front leveling kit on my Rubicon and I have to make sure the soft top is closed when I pull into the garage. Didn't have that issue when stock.
  17. Walmart Tire Deal 37x12.5x17 at $94

    Must have changed it, I'm seeing $224.00/tire
  18. Retro Gladiator build, my modern take on the Old Honcho

    And here I was, patting myself on the back for installing a leveling kit. Amazing work. I think the truck proportions looks so much better with a bob bed.
  19. My 2022 Gladiator burned down... how?

    I just saw a '23 Gladiator at the dealership with 37's, mopar lift, aftermarket front bumper, winch for $75,000. I'm guessing yours was somewhat similar, meaning all done at the dealership. Allstate is probably looking at a stock Gladiator (whichever model) and saying we can buy one for X so...
  20. Gladiator or Wrangler??

    I have a 2020 JLU Sahara and a 2021 JT Rubicon. JLU is my daughters. I drive it occasionally. The JT is my daily. The JL is the turbo. It's like a little rocket compared to the JT. But I find the ride in the JT is smoother. Over road bumps the JT soaks the bumps up more than the JL. Not...