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  1. Spectacular train wreck destroys Jeep Gladiators :(

    Maybe they should remake the launch editions lost here under a special new trim? Jeep Gladiator Train Wreck Edition Off The Rails Edition Resurrection Edition Survivor Edition (for those who survived the wait) Folsom Prison Edition (I hear that train a comin') C'mon guys, we need some more...
  2. They've arrived in Canada!

    There's one in Belleville Ontario at the dealer and there is a red overland that calls Prince Edward County home now. I can't wait to see a Rubicon in person soon. :)
  3. Hellcat powered Gladiator build by Dynatrac

    I don't plan on chopping anything but I do have every intention of putting a hellcrate engine in it and the 6 speed to match before it ever sees my driveway. (Mainly because the wife doesn't need to know what engine is in it):whew:
  4. Who's getting/got a vasectomy because of the Gladiator?

    Gotta start recruiting. Everyone gets a free "A Gladiator Gave Me A Vasectomy" vinyl decal.
  5. Who's getting/got a vasectomy because of the Gladiator?

    I got snipped after two kids this past September so I'm guaranteed to be able to fit them in the truck. :like: Vehicle choices was a big part of why. That and the second child barely sleeping for a year made the decision easy.
  6. Gladiators heading to dealers spotted on transport carrier?

    That's amazing! Only forty minutes away. I'm going to see them as soon as they're in. :) Kinda surprised they'll be in Canada so quickly. Was definitely expecting them to not show up until September or something.
  7. Bedliner?

    A really good an cheap(ish) option is going to a farm centre and getting "cow mat." That's what they're called around here, not sure about everywhere else. Just a thick rubber mat you can cut to size. They're tough, nothing slides on them and you just get a chunk the size you're looking for and...
  8. FCA: I just 'intentionally' spent 5 Grand fixing old jeep. In case JT price is stupidly high. fyi

    Roughly $97000 for an f450 to tow new trailers from Indiana to B.C. or Alberta. That's an expensive work truck and it has some options added but to get trucks for long haul you are looking at well over $50000. No, it's not in the same category as a Gladiator but saying a work truck over $50000...
  9. “Hercules” High Performance Jeep Gladiator Being Tested!

    If they do that they can take my money and everything I own.
  10. Ordering in Ontario, Canada

    Does anyone know dealers with the best discounts in Ontario? Let's split it into South/Eastern, Central, North and Western parts of the province. And on that note, if anyone knows the best dealers in other provinces, we can get to work on a list for all those too.
  11. Gladiator buyers - have you owned a Wrangler?

    This is exactly why I'm getting it too. :like:
  12. “Hercules” High Performance Jeep Gladiator Being Tested!

    I'm thinking the same thing. I can wait another year or two. That'll give me more time to save money or win the lottery and pay cash. A guy can dream right? :(
  13. Jeep issues query for general interest

    It's been a long time since I've heard those two. :cwl:
  14. “Hercules” High Performance Jeep Gladiator Being Tested!

    I'm excited for this thing. Really hoping it become a production unit with a manual trans and a Good engine upgrade. If it only comes in auto then I'm going Rubicon.
  15. “Hercules” High Performance Jeep Gladiator Being Tested!

    Google Glenn Close fatal attraction. Throw rabbit in there just for fun.
  16. Which Model (haven't seen a poll yet)

    Thank you good sir.
  17. Which Model (haven't seen a poll yet)

    Can we get a "Waiting to see what Hercules is" option? :like:
  18. “Hercules” High Performance Jeep Gladiator Being Tested!

    I hope the four regular trims are all priced fairly so that it can be affordable for most. On the other hand, I prepared for crazy expensive so if the Hercules sees production then I'm going to pour out my piggy bank with a smile on my face. Hopefully the crumpled up papers and buttons I keep...
  19. “Hercules” High Performance Jeep Gladiator Being Tested!

    Personally, I'm not liking the black grill on those. Everything else looks pretty sweet though. I'm worried about the higher output engine and transmission. A hemi would be awesome but I suspect they will go with a turbo V6 or go for more power out of the 2.0. Either way, I suspect a manual...
  20. “Hercules” High Performance Jeep Gladiator Being Tested!

    If we have an insane amount of luck, this will make it to production and have an option for a hemi or other high output engine.