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  1. Yet another goodbye

    Hey everyone, This has been the best vehicle forum I have ever been a part of. So, instead of going quietly into the night, like usual, I wanted to say thanks to all the great folks and moderators. I learned a ton here and had quite a few laughs. I can never resist the enjoyment of a dumpster...
  2. California Sold: Tube doors with mirrors $250

    Selling a set of tube doors o bought from Amazon. They work great. I used the. Over the last two years. They are in excellent shape. Local pickup only.
  3. California Sold: Mopar Tonneau soft cover $400

    Selling my mopar Tonneau cover. It’s in great shape and works perfectly. Sold my gladiator so I don’t need it anymore. Local pickup online.
  4. California Sold: Z Automotive Tazer Lite $150 OBO

    I have a Tazer Lite for sale. It is unmarried from my Gladiator. Works like new. Thanks
  5. Rancho X-Lander RS3 Lift

    I am seriously considering this lift. I know some long time Wrangler guys that love their Rancho lifts. Lots of guys on the Wrangler forum seem happy with them as well. But I can hardly find any info on this forum or Youtube, regarding this lift. It is a 3" for the Rubicon. So I am guessing it...
  6. Definitive No Poke Wheels Thread

    I’m hoping we can gather a list of wheels that will not poke out inour JTs and are wider than stock wheels. I have just a few options to start with but am hoping others can add to it. I can continue to update this original post with the list of wheels. That way anyone wondering what wheels will...
  7. Sema 2021 Gladiators Galore [Add What You Come Across]

    So I have been procrastinating on work all morning and checking out Sema sneak peaks. Figured I would start a thread for all the crazy gladiator builds there. I'm just going to post this one. Figured others could share ones they liked. I wanted to hate it, but I don't. I do hate the Grumpy...
  8. Stock Jeep Gladiator Max Tow VS Hardcore Off-road Trail

    I saw these two videos on youtube and thought I would share. Hopefully, someone hasn't posted them already. This guy just about maxes out the capabilities of his stock Max Tow. I say just about because I does make it through without any help. I thought it was super entertaining to watch and...
  9. California Sold: Selling stock Mopar metal bumper $500

    I am going to replace my Mopar modular bumper with an aftermarket one. I will be selling the bumper without the skid plate. The bumper is in excellent condition. The side parts like new. I took them off as soon as I got the truck. I would be willing to swap fog lights brackets from your plastic...
  10. Gladiator 6x6 in the wild (Leaving the mall?)

    Just found this video of a 6x6 gladiator. I don't want to say anything negative, so it sounds great!
  11. California Curt Echo Brake controller

    Selling my Bluetooth brake controller. It’s in perfect condition. I used it about 5 times and it’s always worked perfectly. asking $200 including shipping
  12. Mojave Gets Lots of Air in Jumping Fun

    First time posting so hopefully I put this in the right spot. I found this video on Youtube and it does not disappoint. It is long and you can skip to around the 20 minute mark. After that there is plenty of jump video. This Mojave got a proper testing of its abilities. Hope you enjoy.
  13. Losing hats

    I know, this of first world problems. I lost two hats so far, driving the gladiator with the top off. The first time I just had the freedom panels off. Darn wind sucked my favorite hat out the top and onto the freeway. Second time the truck was completely naked. Drove by a semi and a rush of...