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  1. Tazer Mini & Auto Start Stop

    I unmarried my Tazer Mini prior to taking my Gladiator to the dealership due to an indication that the battery needed to charge before the start/stop function would work. Rge dealership replaced both batteries under warranty and blemed the problem was created by the stop/start function. I...
  2. Batteries, Both Bad

    I have been noticing for nearly a month that the Start/Stop function hasn't been working. I went through the different screens on the dash and saw where the Start/ Stop function was not available and the battery was charging. I took it to a local dealership and they told me that they would...
  3. Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor And Tube, Issue

    About two months ago, I had my 2020 Gladiator fuel tank pressure sensor and tube (Mopar 68335037AC) replaced. About ten days ago, my check engine light came on and I went to my local dealership where they determined it was another bad unit, so they ordered a replacement. I dropped off my...
  4. Engine light is on at 6400 miles.

    Crap! Now I will have to spend time at a dealership! :(
  5. Installed a Reaper Off-Road JTRB Immortal R1 Rear Bumper

    Installed a Reaper Off Road Immortal R1 rear bumper, yesterday and it was a cinch. The only issue was securing the electrical harness inside of it. I thought about spot welding some tabs inside it, but decided to try extra strength hot glue instead. It came with led tag lights and plugs if you...
  6. Immortal R1 Rear Bumper

    Put in my order for Reaper Off-Road JTRB Immortal Rear Bumper. I sure hope it is immortal, because I destroyed my stock "Made by Mattel" plastic bumper, yesterday! :angry: https://www.quadratec.com/p/reaper-offroad/immortal-r1-rear-bumper-gladiator-jt-JTRB
  7. Coverking Jeep Topliner - SPC683 Sale Price Deal

    I ordered a Coverking Jeep Topliner for my Gladiator from Quadratec on Feb. 2 for $399.99. Today, while waiting for the topliner to ship, I found AutoAnything.com was advertising the top for $291.99. I called Quadratec concerning a price match and after they verified the price, I received a...
  8. Knuckle Pod Light Mounts

    A friend sent me a Facebook link about knuckle pod light mounts which I found very interesting, especially off road. I have never heard of lights being mounted in that manner. I don't do any night time trail riding, so I will not be getting a set. Just thought I would put this out for those that...
  9. Locking Under Seat Rear Storage Bin Re-Keying

    I bought a second hand locking storage bin and have yet to find anyone to re-key it! Has anyone had any luck with having one re-keyed? I have contacted 3 dealerships in my area and none of them knew how to do it. I have a locksmith researching it, recommended by a dealership, and waiting for him...
  10. Alabama Sold: Front Bumper and Side Steps from 2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland

    Front Bumper from 2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland w/ hooks and rock guard. Was removed right at 1,000 miles. Doesn't have any marks or dents. Fog Lights are not included. $250 Side Steps were removed a short time later, also no damage. $200 Local pickup
  11. How to Total Individuals Grouped By Different Age Groups

    I have been curious of the age ranges of Gladiator owners, but do not know how to collect the data. I was thinking of having different groups of ages and all a member would need to do was check which group they fell into. The page would have a running total which everyone could see. It would be...
  12. Barricade Alloy Series Aluminum Front Bumper, The Horrors!

    I had an ARB Deluxe set of bumpers on my 2013 Wrangler and decided to go with something much lighter on my Gladiator, so I chose the Barricade Aluminum front bumper. I received it Thursday and began the install Friday. I knew this was going to be an ordeal when I started having trouble...
  13. Old School Spare Tire

    I'm from the old school in that you don't put different size tires on your vehicle. Why the hell would my spare tire be a 17" while my Overland tires are 18"?
  14. Mopar Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

    I picked up my Mopar tonneau cover from the local dealership yesterday and installed it last night. I love it!
  15. Show your Jeep security system.

    He has really loved his 1st two Wrangler Unlimiteds and I'm sure he will love this one. The Wranglers were his. He just let me drive it!
  16. Devil Mileage

    I was going to drive to the store, but when I cranked my Jeep, I saw this mileage. Turned it off and tried to get my friends to drive it. No luck! Damn cowards!