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  1. Beer Beach Repeat takes on the Americas!

    The wife and I have started our trip of a lifetime! We are traveling the Americas in 2024 and 25. We are in the South right now trying to avoid the cold and then headed up the Eastern Coast, Midwest and then into Canada all the way to the Arctic Circle. Once we are as far North as we can go, we...
  2. Colorado Sold: FREE JT Rubicon Rear Seats

    Title is what it is. Looking to unload a black Tailgate (new - taken off at 1000 miles) and the rear seats from 2022 Gladiator. Let me know - Denver Area. PM me for pickup details. Thanks!
  3. Colorado Sold: Rubicon Suspension Take Offs $100!!!!

    Hey there. It is what it is. JT Rubicon Suspension. 4 Fox Shocks and JT Rubicon Springs. 10500 miles. $100. Denver Metro.
  4. Cold Weather with Automatic?

    Hey there, I have searched the forums but I cannot find this answer. I am building a JT Rubicon on jeep.com and when I select the Cold weather package and the automatic transmission, it removes the cold weather package. Does anyone know if you can order the Cold Weather package with an...