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  1. Who wants a loooooooong bed….?

    It needs a M2 .50 mounted to a sports bar. It would instantly be cooler.
  2. Not a good look for Jeep owners

    We should add a national Jeep meetup in Sturgis, SD. Our town is built to handle large gatherings of rowdy people. Half the businesses are closed until the rowdy people show up. Also don't be an ass.
  3. Do I need a lift kit on my 2023 Rubicon gladiator if i put 37 inch tires on?

    For other trims, assuming a disconnected front sway bar, does the offroad number increase if you swap higher fenders but don't lift? With 3.73 gears I'm thinking about 34's and no lift if possible.
  4. Can a 2016 mopar 5.7l v8 for Challenger be put into 2022 gladiator?

    Can? Yes. Will it do so easily?
  5. 35's on gladiator...regear?

    Gearing is going to depend a lot on your personal preference and the topography of where you drive your gladiator. I have a JK Wrangler on 33's with 3.21s. According to most internet wisdom it shouldn't be drivable at all. It works for me. Some people will be happy with 35s and 4.10s, others...
  6. Jeep Gladiator M210 Front Locker - TorqLocker

    That's really tempting for me. I have a factory LSD in the rear, and as much as I would love to re-gear in the future I don't see that happening for a long time.
  7. Question for the Sport Gang

    Garage door opener.
  8. Jeep Gladiator Bedside Bands

    I like the idea of these, I just don't thin they would look great on sarge green.
  9. Sport S Capability

    Is that stock other than wheels and tires?
  10. Sport S Capability

    My 13' JK sport with auto trans has 33s and 3.21 gears. It's doable. We have a 75mph speed limit. It gets 16-17 mpg. My JT with 32's and 3.73's feels like a sports car by comparison.
  11. Stereo upgrade

    Can you be more specific with what underwhelms you? There's a lot of information and misinformation about speakers online. Personally, I wouldn't trust most people at Best Buy to be the most informed about it ( I know there are exceptions) If you could highlight specific deficiencies (sub bass...
  12. Hail bashed my hood - 392 replacement?

    All my cars except my Gladiator look like golf balls. We get massive hail storms multiple times a year on average. The last one destroyed a windshield on my wife's cherokee and golf-balled it completely; it was paid off early because of previous hail damage. My wrangler was paid off early...
  13. The miles and smiles fly right by, let’s see your mileage!

    I bought mine last September and I have 10600 already, which kind of freaks me out. We needed a third car that we could drive all year round because my other jeeps (wrangler and cherokee) are old now and have high mileage; and my corvette couldn't really be driven in the winter here. Traded...
  14. 2024 Gladiator NightHawk Package announced to coincide with total solar eclipse

    I'd probably buy it over the Sport I have just because it has slightly nicer features for about the same price and I have to replace the wheels either way.
  15. Gladiator Max Tow vs Non Max tow option rip out

    I bought my sport off the lot. I wanted a max tow but they didn't have one. Mine is a sport with the regular towing package and the offroad group. So I still got the LSD. Eventually I'll re-gear and won't regret not having the max tow, but until then I wish I had 4.10s.
  16. Feeding the Hurricane 4xe Speculation

    That's more of an issue that not enough people do it to justify keeping parts in generalized stores. You can still go to places like Microcenter to get parts; and like you said, the internet sells all of that for you. There are plenty of options available without buying a high end gaming machine.
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I was able to lift it up high enough to get my keys by removing four 10mm bolts. Relatively easy, just annoying because you have to be in a different position for each of the four and the two in the back require the seats to be all the way forward. If you remove it completely there are some...
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I removed my center console so I could retrieve my key from under it.
  19. Kill switch install from 41.22

    This is why the sport is the superior gladiator...