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  1. Hail bashed my hood - 392 replacement?

    Tuesday's 3 hailstorms did a number on the hood of our Mojave. After a quick trip to the paintless dent repair guy, he told us that since the hood is aluminum, he can't do anything for us and it would need to be replaced. So that sucks. However, the fake scoop always kinda bugged me as only a...
  2. Anyone running Morimoto 2 or 4banger for ditch lights?

    Seen a few posts about morimoto headlights, but none on actual experience with their ditch lights. Looking at a 2banger flood set and curious if anyone has experience with them, plus or minus. Thanks
  3. Oracle Bumper Light install how-to: Direct to Aux only

    After searching here, I didn't find a write up on how others had done this before so thought I'd add this here for the next person who wants to do the same. My objective was to wire the Oracle Reverse Bumper lights directly to the Aux switch, and not into the reverse lights themselves. The...
  4. Texas Sold: Mojave (Rubicon) rails ($100)

    Austin Area. Hide-a-Step is Sold. Rails only for 100 or make offer. Replaced the stock rails from our Mojave for some full length steps for my wife and her friends to get in easier. Took off after about 9 months of ownership.