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  1. Who Wants to Compare Personal Property Taxes? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    8.625% in NY for Sales tax, no personal property tax. Real Property tax however makes up for anything we save in personal property tax.
  2. Focal Speakers

    Yea I’ve scoured them but I’m yet to find something to detail a resolution on a speaker with integrated tweeter so I can get both highs and lows. Seems like people are using just the metra adapter for lows that either came with the pods or bought one separately on Amazon but I already have that
  3. Focal Speakers

    Alpine, which is why I feel like there’s a missing something going on.
  4. Focal Speakers

    So little update, I haven’t gotten to the fronts yet, but I finished up the soundbar swap. Now I’m definitely a novice, so maybe I’m overthinking it or maybe I messed up somewhere. So there’s a 2 harnesses, one for the tweeter that got pulled out and 1 for the 2.5 that I replaced with the 6.5...
  5. Am I crazy for thinking I want a Gladiator?

    Came from an SQ5 and before that an SS camaro. Any speed I miss quickly disappears when I take a look at my glady in the driveway, stocked up with grill, cooler, and then I drive on the beach and all is well in the world. Could always supercharge it if you want a little extra but I never found...
  6. Focal Speakers

    I noticed that on this set I bought. Gonna have to play with it to see which I like better but nice option to have
  7. Focal Speakers

    Hey all, time to upgrade the premium sound system speakers. Got a few shops advice and landed on the Focal ISU 165’s and the ICU 165’s with some Metra adapters for the larger speakers. anyone run these yet and what were the thoughts? For now I’m gonna plug and play and maybe go amp in the...
  8. New York Mopar roll up Tonneau Cover Price Reduced $275

    ouch, that’s a haul from Long Island for me
  9. Whats the best color combo?

    It’s gotta be the Punk’n n bronze, although that charger in orange a few posts back…droollll ?
  10. New York Rubicon Stock Steel Front Skid Plate

    Is this paint matched to Punk’n?
  11. North Carolina AWE Tread Black Catback $400

    Duel or single?
  12. Black Friday Deals

    had nearly the entire dealership circle around my JT talking about how awesome the struts were. Can't say enough good things about the quality there.
  13. What was your ride before the JT?

    Audi Q5 3.0 supercharged
  14. Jay Leno's Apocalypse Gladiator

    First thing I noticed. Couldn’t spring for the redlines?
  15. How do Gladiators handle on the highway?

    I always wanted a wrangler, and also had the need for a weekend warrior pickup, so it was a no brainer to get a JT for me. that being said, going from a supercharged truck to a Rubi on 37’s took some getting used to. Felt like I was white knuckling for the first month I had it. Feel much...
  16. New York Rubi Rock Rails

    Hey sorry these were sold.
  17. Michigan AFE Throttle spacer

    Sold yet?
  18. Any Long Island JT owners?

    Looked at this group more than once and am intrigued, plus the meeting place is very close to home. How would you rate the difficulty of the trails? Newb on trails and would probably need to get a winch
  19. New York 4 Rubi Takeoffs

    Wow looks like a completely different truck. I recommend running them at like 35-36 PSI for the smoothest ride. You got a great deal