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  1. Washington Sold: Alu Cab Canopy

    Alu Cab Explorer Canopy $2800. purchased less than a year ago and in excellent condition. love the canopy, sold the Gladiator. I live in eastern Washington. Not able to ship but may meet. Includes top rails and I have the factory bed rails that are needed to attach. Will also include some molle...
  2. Rebate is a joke

    If I knew it would take this long to recieve my rebate I would not have ordered. Ordered in may and set rebate form in immediately. claimed they recieved form June 22nd and today still says being processed. I should have known the rebates are basically a scam. If the company just discounted...
  3. Lug nut question.

    I have the AEV Salta wheel and a set of splined lug nuts that don’t quite look right. The picture kind of shows the exposed shiny metal around the lug nut making me wonder if the nuts are wide enough at the base. Is this ok? What is the best lug nut for this wheel? Don’t need locking
  4. Diamondback Woes

    Let me start by saying Diamondback customer service has been pretty good. The cover arrived when they said it would in great shape. Issues started with install, not really their fault but taking those bed caps off is really a pain, I tried to order a new set so I didn't have to be so careful...
  5. JScan Question

    After programming with the JScan or even the Taser lite for that matter do you have to plug the SWG cables back into the jeep? Could you leave the SGW bypass cable for the JScan connected and tucked under dash? For the Tazer if you decided to remove the taser do you have to reconnect SWG cables?
  6. OEM trail rail vs aftermarket

    Thinking about adding some bed accessories that require trail rail and I do not have. Any downside or advantages to going aftermarket? I like the one that Mac's offers and the builtright looks good but will they work with items like the Alu Cab? Have even looked at the strut option but not...
  7. Odd steering question???

    Today I replaced my front lower control arms, steering stabilizer to Fox 2.0, and adjusted track bar. Hopped in an drove about 10 feet and steering wheel was off almost a quarter turn. I had previously adjusted wheel when adding lift and has been fine for quite a while. Control arms are...
  8. Painting RSIc

    I really prefer the plain jane commercial version but really couldn't live with white. Is painting a problem? Wrapping a better solution? Or does it really make sense, just pay a little extra and get the adventure?
  9. Washington Rubicon wheels

    I have 5 Rubicon wheels in very good to excellent shape. No TPMS. They are off of my 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2dr and were driven approximately 2000 miles. I live in southeastern Washington and am not able to ship. If someone wasn't too far may be willing to meet for gas money. $500 set.
  10. Diamondback cover

    Sorry, posted something like this in the wrong category. Thanks to those who responded there Really want a Diamondback SE but really not sure about the money. $$$$$ Upsides/Downsides? Worth the money? How was shipped condition? Not a big fan of truck freight Any comparable options?
  11. Moved

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  12. Mojave wheel option

    I was wondering if anyone had experience with what effect wheel offset makes? I have some 19 Rubicon wheels that I would like to use one as a spare for my Mojave. The offset on the stock Mojave wheel is I think +37 and the Rubicon is +44. With a 33 to 35 inch tire and the Rubicon wheels on the...