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  1. Rodent Ate My Battery

    I think the issue is that he chewed a handful of different things, but once a little bit is chewed then you have to replace the whole thing. I don't know about the plenum but I think anything chewed on there was cosmetic at best. the Fuse box was definitely mangled. There were 3 small wire chews...
  2. Rodent Ate My Battery

    They chewed along the top edge, so they didn't get into the cells. It's also an AGM battery so I don't think they use acid anymore, just an electrolyte solution, not much liquid, and not acid.
  3. Rodent Ate My Battery

    I got the estimate from the dealer: Glad insurance is covering that cost. I would have been "upgrading" to aftermarket for sure.
  4. Rodent Ate My Battery

    Well i'm confident that this is just the battery, they didn't really give a shit about my wiring. Something literally just crawled into the space next to the battery, then chewed away the corner of it to get more comfortable. There are a couple of wires that got a minor chew done, but really...
  5. Rodent Ate My Battery

    Comprehensive deductible is $500 so its probably cheaper to just buy my own battery and tape the stuff up myself. I would have to buy a battery to take it to a shop anyway.
  6. Rodent Ate My Battery

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Glad several of you mentioned insurance, I was setting myself up to start buying parts. Based on the behavior and tracks in the snow (and reading about others experience) this had to either have been a squirrel or more likely a rabbit. There were rabbit tracks...
  7. Felt type battery cover

    Well I just had a critter get into my engine bay and chew this thing up, then chew up the battery underneath... so I need to replace. Any ideas on a part number for this or an aftermarket option thats as good or better.
  8. Rodent Ate My Battery

    Went out to my truck to pick up my birthday dinner, pushed start and nothing happened. I tried a couple of times and while i got lights, It wouldn't fire up. I jumped in my wife's car instead, figuring i'd deal with it later. Its later. I went out there, popped the hood to see if i needed to...
  9. Colorado FS; Xtrusion Overland Rack, Softopper

    Bump to re-list.
  10. I measured the height of my JT on 35s next to a stock JLU...

    While this is true and should be considered, the stock Sahara isn't on 33" tires (only the Rubicon is.) The Sahara and stock Sport would be closer to a 31" tire which should be a 2" difference. Though really, any 35" tires I see are slightly less than 35 and 31s are often slightly larger than...
  11. Colorado FS; Xtrusion Overland Rack, Softopper

    I bought a second hand launch edition Superlite at the beginning of summer, after using it some over the summer, I realize I need to go a different direction. I’m clearing off the back of my truck, so mentioning the other stuff I’m getting rid of as well: GFC Superlite (Includes; ladder...
  12. Riding on the highway, hitting bumps, white knuckles at times

    I was not a fan of the stock ride in my Max Tow when I got it. Last year I got the Terflex Falcon shocks (Series 3.3 Piggyback) and have zero regrets. I would get the bump steer like you describe, but also doing highway speeds on curvy mountain roads felt like I was suddenly going to tip over...
  13. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Mounted my Xtrusion Overland rack and then my GFC Superlite onto that. Waiting for some new weather seal to re-mount my Softopper and I'll be in full "Overland" mode.
  14. Slide-in camper options?

    Impressive... it starts at $8400, so I just use that as the price point. Good point that you can jump higher than that easily. I love that it's all raw materials that are easily tapped into. I can see in the options list that you could easily jump up to $16k (so many options) but also that many...
  15. Slide-in camper options?

    You're forgetting to mention that it's not priced out of the ballpark. I mean, it's not cheap, but it's cheaper than the Super Pacific.
  16. Slide-in camper options?

    This thing definitely needs specifics, weight and the like. For the price, it should be made out of unobtanium and super lightweight. Edit: They do have a suggested price based on the package level, 350-400 lbs is almost double the competition, but a bit better than I was expecting as I look at it.
  17. What do u have coming in the mail?

    An Xtrusion Overland XTR1 Bed rack that will fit over my Softopper and hold my new (to me) GFC Superlite. Technically it's not in the mail yet... I have a few more weeks before I can expect it.
  18. Did you sell your original Sport tires/wheels?

    Thanks. My Sport was built in Sept 2020 as a 2021 MY... I'm thinking it's worth saving these TPMS for my own truck when I ever get new wheels. (c; Based on this thread, I'll likely be pulling the rubber off the rims and selling them separately anyway. (Mojave wheels are much more widely sought...
  19. Did you sell your original Sport tires/wheels?

    I'm not sure I follow what you're saying. Are you suggesting that there is no longer any tire pressure measurement system in Gladiators? That doesn't seem right, every car I see has tire pressure anymore... I'd think TPMS is as valuable as ever.
  20. Did you sell your original Sport tires/wheels?

    I've been sitting on mine for over a year now, too lazy or presumptuous about who would buy them. 0 miles on 5 tires, 4 of the silver wheels and 1 steel spare. I'm curious to find out who has sold theirs, did they end up selling wheels separate from tires? How low did you go to get rid of them...