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  1. 2024 Mojavicon to be

    I have had my 2024 Mojave for 5 days so it's time to start my build journal. Right now, some parts are at the off-road shop (35s, wheels, SmartCap, winch, AEV lift), some are on the shelf, and some are on a truck somewhere. Eventually, in addition to all the other mods, it will have front...
  2. Adding a little lift and rake to a stock(ish) Mojave

    My 2024 Mojave is in production! Now I have to figure out the first few mods. Winch and SmartCap are already ordered. I would like to give just a small amount of lift (maybe) and a little rake in the back as I know I will have heavy loads. I plan on keeping, for now, the stock 17" wheels and...