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  1. How much does your Gladiator weigh?

    My 22 High Alt. Weighed the same, also at a rock yard.
  2. Standing water underneath passenger floor mat?

    Mines been doing that. One day I noticed a drop from the rear outside corner inside the truck. I have paper towels placed in the inside at the edges of the carpet and under the top edges. Waiting for rain. The one in the top right corner got wet. The rest are dry. My floor was soaked before I...
  3. Low Speed Surge or Lurch

    I think it is the shift point between 1st and second, maybe depending on throttle position. Likely set low to gain a very moderate MPG gain for fuel standards unless the throttle is applied. Wish I could re-program shift points.
  4. Vape pen fell between driver seat and center console

    I don’t have to regularly move my seat I cut a piece of pipe insulation I had laying around and put it there. Not noticeable.
  5. Low Speed Surge or Lurch

    Auto? I have noticed the same thing, going slow almost at idle in the same scenario. Don’t know if it when I drop off the throttle or I get back on it. Like shifting between 1st and second. That shift point is seems like it is at a low rpm unless my foot is in it.
  6. Ever Clear Wiper Washer Windshield Blades

    Look for a battery terminal puller. Haven’t tried it myself, but have one and others say it’s the ticket.
  7. Lemon law junk Gladiator

    Unless it’s deer or turkey season.
  8. We want to hear from you! - JeepCares

    Yes. Two door trucks are disappearing yet there is still demand out there.
  9. We want to hear from you! - JeepCares

    I like the 20s on factory wheels on stock High Altitudes.
  10. Should I use anti-seize on my side steps?

    Anti siege is a good idea. If one is concerned about thread locker, assemble then coat exposed threads with anti seize. I don’t think the hard pre applied loctite would be affected by anti seize.
  11. Where to get this item can’t find it .

    Screw the naysayers. I like the brow. It’s yours to do as you like. Just don’t, please, don’t do a Carolina squat.
  12. Lights on but engine doesn’t start/turn over - single click then restarts

    If it doesn’t start when jumping from a running vehicle or show good voltage I would be checking battery terminal connection at main battery.
  13. Spray In Bedliner Questions

    I had line x installed my 02 Dodge. Saw a lot of work and still looked good when sold. Make sure they mask off the threaded bolt holes and keep the drains clear.
  14. Rumor: Ram Dakota Midsize Truck a Done Deal?

    I want to see a two door four wheel drive with at least a six foot bed. Don’t need to haul a family, and if I ever need to haul four adults we will have to use their vehicle.
  15. prevent radio from turning on?

    When my Sirius radio expired I set the media to that. Nothing comes up until phone is connected
  16. Bakflip MX4 - need help trying to add prop rods to Mopar cover

    I am following this. The Ram trucks have the rod from the factory, don’t understand why the Jeep doesn’t.