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  1. Round 2 - Big One Rebates are back!

    Yep.....im ready to order the twill also. In the last 3 weeks i have heard so many variations of whether the twill sunrider for the Hardtop jl/jt had the 200 rebate.....
  2. Nebraska Rubi wheels/tires/ rock sliders for sale

    They are all brand new takeoffs. 4 wheels and tirea with tpms. $1400. Rock sliders. $250 No shipping. Located in lincoln Nebraska 402 440 373 seven
  3. Hothead Headliner adhesive issues?

    I had issues with my rear side panels. They took care of me adap with new tape. All better. Great customer service
  4. DECKED | Gladiator Storage System

    Got mine a d jnstalled it yesterday. Im in the fence about its value but it seems like it will do what i need it to do. 5 of the nutserts spun freely (with hand tools and light pressure)..... was bummed to see there were no toolboxes included which are shown in all of the pics. It is a...
  5. Nebraska Rubi rock rails

    New takeoffs with hardware. Located in lincoln Nebraska. No shipping. 402 799 1410...... $300
  6. Anybody had the horrible roll up bed cover replaced?

    I know it sounds picky but.......mine seems tight front to back but from side to side it sags
  7. Anybody had the horrible roll up bed cover replaced?

    This is the loosest cover i have ever owned. Sags.....water pools.....leaks into bed.......flaps on the highway like crazy.
  8. My walk away price

    Baxter jeep..Lincoln Nebraska
  9. My walk away price

    I was at 7% under invoice plus another 500 off for military. Loaded rubi. 58700 sticker......out the door excluding taxes was 50, 005......
  10. Northridge4x4 Black Friday is now LIVE!

    David called me! Got me set up! Their customer service has always been their best product! Thanks
  11. Northridge4x4 Black Friday is now LIVE!

    Was happier with the 1098 total.......didnt finish my order.
  12. Northridge4x4 Black Friday is now LIVE!

    Had my cart loaded before the sale...said my items were 1098.00........sale.hit and i went to check out and now it says its 1234.00.......everything in my cart went up in price between the cart and checkout

    Hreat deals Marcus! Do you guys have the nfab podium steps for the gladiator?
  14. Smacked a curb need advise

    Sounds like somebody needs a safe space and some play doh to get their little feelings fixed
  15. HOTHEADS headliner review

    Tried to call. No.answer. tried reaching them on here without a response.
  16. Mounted my Fire Extinguisher!

    The extinguishers that have the dry chemical in them should not be stored in the upright position in a vehicle. The motion of the vehicle oacks the powder into the bottom of the canister and COULD result in not being able to be evacuated as planned when needed. Just fyi
  17. Cost of AUX Switch Installation

    Absolutely not........wait till you get them to where u want em......then act like you have cold feet about pulling the final trigger.......tell em that you hust had your heart set on those switches. Be amazed at how fast they include the part and install at bo additional cost.
  18. Wheel spacers...add to wobble?

    I have 35 x 12.5s on the factory wheels.....chasing my steering a bit....any thoughts on whether i am using 1.5 wheel spacers is contributing to the flighty steering? Already have the falcon steering stabilizer