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  1. 2024 Willys versus Mojave

    Awsome color, Anvil is a great choice!!!! Honestly looks as good as gator on a jeep.
  2. Tuscadero color available on Jeep Gladiator for the first time

    Girls got pink how about the boys get there’s!! Where my root beer fans at!!!!
  3. Mojave + Mopar Lift ...

    Whereas other trucks, most notably the Ford F-150 Raptor, have Fox Shocks, Jeep also installs Fox hydraulic jounce bumpers in the front suspension. Better known as hydraulic bumpstops, think of them as a second set of shock absorbers. A typical bumpstop would be a piece of rubber designed to...
  4. 2024 Mojavicon to be

    All that power and still cant go past 25 mph In The sand in 4lo… and you live in the Mojave desert and bought a rock crawler just to make it a desert runner????? you’re hilarious.
  5. So uhh, Borla Attak or Straight Pipe?

    How does this sound on the streets and long hwy trips?
  6. Arcus or RR HD front bumper

    Debating between these two for a front bumper on my Mojave, anyone have or had one post a couple pics of it and any pros or cons you’ve experienced,thank you. https://www.extremeterrain.com/rugged-ridge-jeep-wrangler-jl-hd-stubby-front-bumper-1154032.html...
  7. Sold my Tacoma, Bought a Gladiator

  8. Anyone else running 37s no lift?

    Load range c and about 35 psi
  9. You’ve got $500 what are you buying?

    Id get a Cheap stripper and a bag of powder, take the tops off and go 90 down some backroads……
  10. Mojave with BFG KO2 37x12.50

    Been on 37 12.5 17 BFG for a while, no rubbing on trail loaded with camping gear for 2.
  11. Anyone else running 37s no lift?

    ???????? I just laugh at snowflakes nowadays. You do you bro…..
  12. Anyone else running 37s no lift?

    That’s cool, everyone has their own comfort. I wonder why jeep toyota Ford and everyone else that make high speed off-road vehicles skip the sway bar disconnect…..almost as if they know something.
  13. Anyone else running 37s no lift?

    No lift been stock with 37 ko2 which are on the small side of 37s for the last 2 years no issues on or off-road. I dont disconnect the sway because I’m not rock crawling but have herd from my rubi neighbor they do rub when stuffing the front.
  14. bye bye 392?

    Yeah I saw a final edition launching for 2024 and every dealership will be allocated just 1 lol I hope all the wishers in the jeep care threads see this and take it as the gladiator is never getting the 392 let alone v8 from factory.
  15. Any former WJ owners want to compare to their JTs? (build quality, noise, handling, long-term ownership, etc.)

    I had a beast of a WJ when I sold it for my Mojave, many reasons went into it mostly wanting something more reliable to go to Moab, texas and Oklahoma. Definitely go with the 8.4 and upgraded sound system as for the heating/cooling the JT has rear vents although small they work well. I’ve not...
  16. No more sarge green

    Earl was wired in pics but finally got to see one in person and it’s not bad, I would’ve jumped on it if it was closer to the arctic chill color offered for the yetti edition JK my brother has one and it’s truly an awsome one of a kind color. When did they announce baking for the gladiator?
  17. No more sarge green

    Care to post a pic of anvil?