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  1. Mopar Extended Warranty $25 over Dealer Cost--NOW OFFERING PAYMENT PLANS ALL ONLINE!!

    Thanks, Zach! I just purchased an 8 Year 125,000 mile Warranty from your website for my '23 Gladiator.
  2. What can we do for you?

    Hi Benny, I am about to order your Mopar bed outlet kit for the JT. If possible, please provide a shipping code. Thanks, Robert
  3. Dewalt vs Milwaukee

    As mentioned above, Milwaukee is now owned by TTI , which is a Chinese company. Their breadth of cordless tool selection is second to none. Had I not bought into the Makita cordless tool infrastructure early on, I am sure I would have purchased Milwaukee equipment. Eventually I would have...
  4. Stuck in hospital

    I am glad you made it home to familiar surroundings. Listen to the Docs.........that snowplow frame doesn't need to be taken off of your truck just yet.
  5. Stuck in hospital

    Bill, Get well and get home soon!
  6. Phone mount arm comparisons RAM vs 67D vs Bulletpoint

    67Designs has a holder that utilizes Apple's MagSafe charger. (you have to supply the charger) MagMount G3 Device Holder – 67 Designs If you are going with a 20mm ball setup like 67Designs or BulletPoint, Course motorsports makes a MagSafe charger that you can use if you also purchase a 20mm...
  7. Bolt hood lock, worth it!

    I can definitely understand the sentiment that the Lasfit Hood Lock appears to be a clumsy and complicated system. I would love to have the simplicity and security of the Bolt Hood Lock or the Mopar version. I had the Mopar version of the Bolt lock on my JK and I was quite happy with it...
  8. Bolt hood lock, worth it!

    I also have the Factory Trail Cam and I love having it. I just ordered this hood lock as it will work with the front trail cam. Lasfit Stealth Anti-Theft Automatic Hood Lock System for 18-23 Jeep Wr They are on sale for $250 with free shipping. I used the coupon "BIGGIEHORN" and received an...
  9. Phone mount options, what is a solid MagSafe mount option?

    Course Motorsports recently announced a line of truck & Jeep off-road phone mounts: Jeep Wrangler Gladiator (2018-2023) - Overland Device/Phone Mount – Course Motorsports I currently have a Course Motorsports non-charging MagSafe phone holder on a 67 Designs mount. I am very happy with their...
  10. Bed rail cap removal?

    Here are the DiamondBack cover instructions for removal of the bed rail caps. They assume you want to re-use the bed rail caps. Fortunately, you are replacing the caps as it is quite difficult to remove the bed rail caps without breaking some of the molded clips.
  11. 6% Under Invoice Pricing On Gladiator Orders @GrangerMotors.com

    You are a brave man. I am not sure my wife would let me get away with that! :)
  12. 6% Under Invoice Pricing On Gladiator Orders @GrangerMotors.com

    Zack at Granger is the real deal. Granger is very active in the Mustang forums. Granger was offering similar deals on Mach 1 Mustangs when it was nearly impossible to order one at MSRP or lower from most dealers due to Covid shortages. I am not a Granger customer as I was able to swing a...
  13. So i got pulled over and thrown the book. apparently i need wide vehicle lights?

    Just to add my 2 cents.....I am a resident of rural Virginia. I learned that you can have aftermarket lights on the front of the vehicle. However, the additional lights need to be covered when on the road. By aftermarket lights, I mean any lights beyond the headlights and driving/fog lights...
  14. Alternative to BULLETPOINT

    I will also jump in and suggest 67 Designs. I am very happy with their products.
  15. Dealer sold me a repaired Jeep.

    It sucks to learn that that your vehicle had been damaged in transport and you were not made aware. However, as pointed out, this is a minor repair that the dealership is going to fix for you. Just an aside on transport damaged cars.....An uncle of mine was a new car transport driver for...
  16. 2024 Gladiator Build & Price Configurator is Finally Live!

    As some others have noted, a 24 Rubicon, in the exact same configuration as what I ordered a 23 for, was $705 less than the 23 JTR (both prices including destination). The 24 price also includes the Enhanced Adaptive Cruise Control and Full-Speed Collision Warning Plus as standard. I do not...
  17. So who does it? Jeep Wave ?

    I am proud of my square headlights, although they are sometimes hidden by the snowplow. :)
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I installed a DiamondBack HD bed cover. I took advantage of their Black Friday sale. I did the install myself and it wasn't too difficult. I used three 40 LB bags of salt to help push on top of the cover to compress the gaskets while making the latch adjustments. As part of this...
  19. Ordering 2024 Mojave from Central PA

    I would recommend Tri-City Jeep in NC. They are right on the border between NC/VA. I had a great no-nonsense experience with Tri-City when I ordered my 23 Rubicon. They are also a site sponsor here. The Tri-City contact email is Leah@TriCityJeep.
  20. We want to hear from you! - JeepCares

    I was only asking. :) I understand the reasoning behind the design. I assume this is likely the same reason for the ridiculously high cold tire pressures specified by Jeep. My '22 Ford Mustang Mach 1 has no ESS. I am also assuming the volume of those produced are much lower than most of the...