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  1. Oracle Lights Starliner Freedom Panel Lights

    Does anyone have a good support number for Oracle Lights? My son bought a set of the Starliner freedom panel lights for his Wrangler and when he got in today he noticed that they are completely coming apart. He paid $500 for these lights so to say he's disappointed is a slight understatement...
  2. Stripped Door Hinge Bolts

    Yeah, I was surprised that the impact wrench did absolutely nothing, even with heat. And I think it actually bent the splines on one of my torx bits. My biggest “fear” really is snapping the head off. Really don’t want to drill a tap.
  3. Stripped Door Hinge Bolts

    So I’m trying to install some accessories on the door hinge but I can’t get the damn things to break and I’m very close to stripping one of them. I’ve done the heat gun to try to warm it up. I’ve also tried a breaker bar and even a 24volt impact impact wrench. The damn things won’t break! Any...
  4. Looking at getting an impact wrench

    This is what I have as well.
  5. Valve Stem Question

    Excellent! Thank you so much! I looked on Amazon but I "got the phonebook" with the search result.
  6. Valve Stem Question

    Yeah, he has tpms valve stems and we were hoping for maybe and external solution. Thank you for the input though. It really is appreciated.
  7. Valve Stem Question

  8. Valve Stem Question

    So my son has a set of Fuel wheel on his Wrangler (Yes, I know this is a Gladiator forum) and we noticed that the valve stem is very difficult to get to to air down and air back up with the usual tools. Does anyone know of a 90 degree option that's designed for Jeep or off-road vehicles? There...
  9. Offroad comms

    I have found that people RARELY (If ever) use their call sign when using GMRS on the trail. Technically you're supposed to announce initially, every 15 minutes during transmissions, and sign off when you're done. I've also found that many people do NOT even have the license. I have ham and...
  10. My 2021 Jeep Gladiator Willys Build - UrsusJT

    So I installed an Auxbeam 8 gang switch panel and wired up my pod lights and light bar this weekend.
  11. Freedom Panel Alignment

    For $50,000 it should be perfectly square. ?
  12. Freedom Panel Alignment

    I searched and couldn’t find an answer to this, but my freedom panels in the front are pretty badly misaligned. I also searched YouTube but no love If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on why this may be happening or how to fix it, I’d greatly appreciate it.
  13. Trying to change my ride to a Gladiator, but................

    Not to sound mean but, why come to a Gladiator forum to announce this? Nobody cares. ?‍♂️
  14. REVIEW: Carolina Metal Masters holster bracket.

    I have mine mounted to a JCR Off-road molle panel.
  15. What do u have coming in the mail?

    Auxbeam 8 gangs switch panel with blue back light. It was on sale on Amazon for roughly 30% off. ?‍♂️. I think I'm going to give the 6 gang switch panel to my son for his Wrangler.
  16. TJ's Crawler/Overland Build

    Looks like a mock up of some future fabrication. ?
  17. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    I'm in the "Get more money to buy another Jeep" stage. ???
  18. EDC Storage

    The AR stays comfortably locked behind the back seat. ;)