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  1. Does anyone know of a long range fuel tank?

    did not. had to bolt out of there for a medical emergency before getting over to their booth.
  2. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Rescued a Duramax from a ditch this morning. Apparently, 2 tow trucks had already failed to get him out.
  3. OFFMAPoverland's Gladiator Rubicon Build & Trip Journal

    Rescued a duramax today.
  4. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    tactic from quadratec
  5. OFFMAPoverland's Gladiator Rubicon Build & Trip Journal

    I will be on the lake bed when this airs. We qualify Saturday and Race Sunday. You can watch it all live here. https://ultra4racing.com/live
  6. OFFMAPoverland's Gladiator Rubicon Build & Trip Journal

    I just ordered my armor. Awesome skid system from one of the best in the industry. Love everything I've ever picked up from Artec.
  7. CB radio is dead. Stop installing them and get a VHF/UHF instead!!!

    Just spent some time with a buddy who is big into Wheeling on the east coast. He's wholesale switching to GMRS. He owns CartoTracks out of Alabama. It seems he is seeing lots of movement to them on the east coast to where it's beginning to be more prevelant than CB. It seems even Jeep Jamboree...
  8. Badge of Honor Trails

    Yeah because you've already paid for all of the badges in the markup for your Jeep. Keeps the Toyota guys from claiming them with out paying.
  9. Badge of Honor Trails

    :beer::fist bump: Forgive me if I was quick on the draw being a bit testy. Less than 24 hrs till my team starts heading to KOH and lots left to accomplish. Plus we are missing parts....which always sucks.:time::no:
  10. Badge of Honor Trails

    Well if you wanna be shitty about it then I guess I should point out that these are all very tame trails and the rock crawlers I run around with tend to laugh at those guys who think these are an accomplishment. There is a reason I have a fistful that have never been attached to anything.
  11. Badge of Honor Trails

    Climbed Everest but changed my shoes so I can't claim it now.
  12. Badge of Honor Trails

    Disagree. You did the trail. The mule doesn't get the credit the guide earned.
  13. Badge of Honor Trails

    Where do I even put these?
  14. Off Road Pages: Lat & Long Not Displaying

    Dealer trip then. In my taco there were 2 sat inputs and one wasn't plugged in. My nav would work but my clock wouldn't. You may have a loose connection. Bad antenna or a bad radio.
  15. Off Road Pages: Lat & Long Not Displaying

    Looks like you aren't getting sat signal. Does your nav work?
  16. Blank Rear Camera?

    It's happened to a few people usually the shut down for a bit brings it back.