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  1. How does it look?

    I like it, since I am in a high deer area. Just don't want the extra over all length.
  2. Pennsylvania Anyone running 34" tires on a sport without max tow?

    Not sure if this helps, but I LOVE mine! 2021 Sport (no max tow). 34" Falkin ATs. Quadratec Hardrock rims. Rubicon takeoff suspension with 3/4 Daystar spacer in the front. Handles Great in all seasons.
  3. Should we have a tax miles driven?

    No More Taxes. Any Time, for Any Reason !!!
  4. Texas WTB Front Steel Skid Plate from Rubicon or Mojave

    I have one, without brackets. a few marks, no dents. I am in Michigan, and would take $100.00 plus shipping.
  5. How are you guys seeing what gear you're running in?

    Thank you for asking.... I have been trying to figure that out !
  6. Rear under seat storage box

    All 3 doors are keyed. They are all the same key with extra keys sent. After removing the original plastic piece, it bolts into place. I like that I can stack gear on it, with either seat in the Up position. I can store my hunting "tools" securely, and access from either side of the vehicle.
  7. Rear under seat storage box

    I really like mine
  8. Aftermarket Under Rear Seat Storage

    I bought the one from Diobolical Inc. I like it very much. I hunt, and like my "tools" close and secure.
  9. Rear Under Seat Security Storage : By Diabolical Inc.

    I have purchased and installed the Diabolical unit. I like it very much. It's a little pricey, but, fits very well, and seems secure. It allows me too have my "tools" close and secure. I have recommended it to several friends.
  10. Double-D Bouncing With Bigger Tires!

    I am in Mid-Michigan , and bought- ION 171 Alloy 9" rims, I put 524 miles, and changed my mind. I now have Quadratec wheels. I can make a good deal , if you like.
  11. 3/4 or 1 inch spacer for rake correction

    I have a 2021 Sport. I put Rubicon suspension (shocks and springs) on. It sat exactly the same, but is way more firm. I then put 3/4" spacers in the front. It doesn't set level, but, I like a little rake. I have 285-75-R17 tires and it handles Great!
  12. Would you support a tax or fine for running larger tires than OEM?

    W.T.F. NO more taxes, Anytime, for Any reason !
  13. Rear Under Seat Security Storage : By Diabolical Inc.

    I like this, I would like an update. I like the doors opening to the front. I don't care a lot about the hinges, but inside would be more secure. What gage is the steel? Is it painted or coated? Does it bolt to the floor where the plastic original was? Seems a little pricey, but, better...
  14. Age Group?

    I'm 70. First Jeep. Love it.
  15. Does Rubicon stock suspension sit higher than Sport S?

    I have a 2021 Sport S. 34" tires. I swapped my suspension out for a Rubicon Suspension. It sits Identical ! I was a little disappointed, but, it sure rides better (more firm).
  16. Curiousity poll

  17. Hotheads headliner worth the 400 bucks?

    I live in the North. The Hot Heads liner reduces noise, and helps with keeping the interior warm. I LOVE this product.
  18. What's the Appeal??

    I'm 70yrs old. My whole life I have been a pick-up guy. (Mostly GM.) I always wanted a convertible. I always wanted a Jeep. For my Birthday, I ordered a 21 Gladiator. I LOVE IT! Is it pricy, YES. I tell people , "I'm worth it!" I feel that I have the most fun "Cadillac truck of the...