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  1. Indiana Superchips Flashcal

    I have a Superchips Flashcal for sale. Asking $250 OBO plus shipping. It includes the Gateway bypass module. It is not vin locked and is updated to the latest software. Can be upgraded to a flashpac. Can also be used on JL and JKU wranglers. Located in SW Indiana.
  2. Indiana ISO Firecracker red Rubicon hood and hardtop

    Looking for a Rubicon Hood preferably already Red. Also looking to see if anyone wants to trade their Colormatched hardtop for the black non color matched hardtop.
  3. LUX RGB Rock lights.

    I have a set of LUX Lighting systems MAX RGB rock lights that I took off my JKU. I am wanting to install them on my JT Sport however I am having a hard time finding a spot to mount my RGB controller. Anyone on here run these and have a good spot to mount the controller? I would like to keep it...
  4. Sport S to Rubicon Flares.

    I am looking at upgrading my Sport S fender flares to the highline Rubicon style flares. I currently have the single bulb turn signal housing with no daytime running light. I have done some looking and haven't found a exact answer for my situation. What will I have to change to do this? I know...
  5. KC Slimlite mount locations

    I have a pair of KC Slimlite's that I plan on installing on my JT. I have the wiper cowl mounts but I am considering mounting them down on the front bumper instead so I could fold down the front windshield if I wanted to. Any pros or cons of either location. I have the sport plastic bumper so I...
  6. Indiana ISO Firecracker red Fender Flares and Hardtop

    In search of Firecracker Red fender flares (preferably Rubicon flares) and a Firecracker red hardtop (to trade out for my black textured hardtop). Located in SW Indiana. Let me know what you got.
  7. Emergency POV Lighting

    I've looked and can not find a post anywhere. I am on a volunteer fire department. We are allowed to run Blue lights on our personally owned vehicles (POV) while responding to the station for emergencies or to the scene of the accident in some situations. Does anyone have a emergency light setup...
  8. Rubicon Suspension on Sport S.

    I'm sure this has been asked several times. Does Rubicon Suspension give any lift to a Sport S. I had someone tell me that the overland springs were actually longer than the Rubicon springs. Wasn't sure if the Rubicon springs were longer than the sport springs or not. Thanks.