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  1. MOPAR Direct extended warranties, to purchase or not?

    My 22 JTRD is sitting at 35,980 miles right now, and I'm debating on the extended warranty from MOPAR Direct. Primarily for the interior and electrical gizmos, like the the DIC and 8.4 Uconnect, power windows. The power train is 5yr 100k, not worried about that. My concern is, I'm about to...
  2. Feeding the Hurricane 4xe Speculation

  3. Stellantis Fires Engineers

    First it was the Temp Hires...
  4. Poor Sales Translates to job cuts

  5. 24 Taco 4wd goes pop

    1 inch of snow on a slight slope.
  6. Rear bucket seats

    Has anyone used this bracket to add rear buckets to their Gladiator? Was wondering if the fronts would work and if there is room to recline slightly.