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  1. Help, can’t find ‘Car Wash’ mode

    Don’t want it to lock up on me from the local car wash. (let the flaming begin)
  2. Brake upgrade options?

    2020 Rubicon going on 70k miles. Time for brakes. Some off roading, towing etc. what are you all upgrading to? Pads and rotors are a given, calipers are an option. Been a racer for years so I get the ups and downs of drilled rotors at speed but towing? Even highway speeds, do they really help...
  3. Pennsylvania Sold: Yokohama Geolander A/T USED CORRECTION - 285's

    4 Geolander A/T's 285/75R17 load range E. 6/32" - 7/32" left 6/32" in the center treads, 7/32" at the edges. I am getting ready to replace them with the same. These will be available as soon as the new ones come in. If anyone is interested, let me know, if not, I will let the tire shop discard...
  4. 17' Hitch bunk house found for sale

    I have nothing in this. Just looks like it could be a deal for someone. https://www.allsurplus.com/asset/72/23691
  5. Taco

    Taco vs. Burrito?
  6. Undisclosed Bed tent on sale $59

    Have no idea about them but if you have ever thought about a bed tent, for $59 do it- https://www.bradsdeals.com/p/584276?c_id=7122&u_id=43217500&d=020323&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bradsdeals.Engaged_7122&u_g=m
  7. Pennsylvania ‘97 and up? Stubby Mirrors

    Brand new Rugged Ridge stubby mirrors PN 11025.22 mount on cowl. Does not fit JT, I was going to use them on tube doors but went a different direction. $50 or trade for whatever
  8. Scissors lifts?

    Anybody have any experience with portable scissors lifts? Mid-rise lifts? Always multiple projects around here and a nice flat floor in the shop. Post lifts are not an option, definitely need something portable.
  9. okay WalMart tire deals 12/20/2022

    33" $239- https://www.walmart.com/ip/Milestar-Patagonia-M-T-Mud-Terrain-LT285-70R17-121-118Q-E-Light-Truck-Tire/55190063?athbdg=L1300 35" $224- https://www.walmart.com/ip/Americus-Rugged-MT-Mud-Terrain-LT35X12-50R17-121Q-E-Light-Truck-Tire/747142856?athbdg=L1300 34.5 Kanati's $225-...
  10. Steering hangs up when cold

    2020, 37K miles, aluminum box. When cold, I drive for a couple of minutes then the road makes a 90°, the steering seems heavy then suddenly gives way. Then it is fine for the rest of the day. Fluid level is good, components are tight. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks!
  11. Zero Breeze sale

    I know that they should be helping to sponsor but, I had great luck using my Zero Breeze a/c unit in Florida in 98*F heat so I thought that I would pass along their Black Friday sale. I get nothing out of this but I did have a happy wife and kiddo in a RTT and annex because of them...
  12. Pennsylvania 17" wheels

    Looking for 4 17" wheels for my '20 Rubicon. Don't care which style, prefer factory or really plain aftermarket.
  13. Tire deflators

    Suggestions on tire deflators? I have a set of TrailHeads and I am down to 2 of them working properly. I am not a fan of the ones that remove the valve core.
  14. Thank you Veterans!

    Just wanted to say thank you to all those who have or are currently serving for us and our country!
  15. Trail base storage option?

    Ever get to a trail and wish that you could dump a bunch of stuff before hitting the trail? I always wished that off-road parks had locking storage that I could rent for the day. That way I could throw my doors or camping gear or whatever in and not have to worry about it. Then I saw these...
  16. Can I bitch?

    I wasn't going to but I am now. At the risk of sounding like my buddy Karen......... Recently I contacted a vendor on this site, I was looking to purchase about a dozen items (or more) to give away at an event. I was also going to do a give-away for Veterans day. They responded, but were not...
  17. Let’s talk about the weather

    Okay, let’s try not to get political. Anybody guessing on this winter’s weather? I always feel that you get a certain amount of precipitation in a year, since it was dry this summer in Pa. I am expecting to get some this winter. Seems warm now, so when does the cold come? Also cord wood here is...
  18. Workzone lights?

    Looking for strobe or flashing workzone lights. The last couple of days have been rain and fog and we cannot see our flagger in 3M reflective fluorescent yellow holding flashlights. I know that flares would be best but not an option. Looking for small easily portable lights. How are those...
  19. Thank you WARN

    Just a nod to Warn's customer service. Bought an EVO 12S in 2020. Used it a couple of times with the cord. Went to use it the other day and it would not work with the cord, works remote though. I checked the connector, cord etc.. E-mailed Warn tech gave them my voltage and Ohm readings, etc...
  20. Pennsylvania Cannon

    Yup, looking for a cannon to sit in the corner of my home tiki bar that I am putting together. Always looking for tiki stuff too, anything islander/headhunter is good. How about a Gilligan's Island pinball game? With this group, who knows. Thanks, Mike