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  1. Service writer says "we don't recommend or do 5 tire rotations"

    Its a Belgian Tripel. Here's a link to their website for a detailed description: https://www.unibroue.com/en-us/beers/classics/la-fin-du-monde
  2. Service writer says "we don't recommend or do 5 tire rotations"

    Based on what's in the refrigerator today, my choices are Coors Light, Carlsberg, Fat Tire, Blue Moon, Deez Nuts (Local craft brew) or Unibroue La Fin du Monde (9.1% abv), although the lineup changes frequently!
  3. Rock Rails Thread

    3 1/2" from bottom of door to top of round step rail. Sorry for the late response. Been off the forum for awhile and didn't receive notification of the quoted post.
  4. Rock Rails Thread

    Love 'em! I only have a 1" coil spring spacer lift on with 35" tires, so I don't actually need to use them as a step (I'm 6'-1" tall). My wife really likes them as she's 5'-4", and actually used the passenger side rail without realizing I had installed them the first time, then remarked that...
  5. Rock Rails Thread

    Your eyesight is just fine. The square tubing bends to follow the body and cover the pinch seam. The round tubing you step on is straight.
  6. Rock Rails Thread

    Thanks! About 4.5” to the outside of the tubular rail. My wife loves them to get in and out.
  7. Rock Rails Thread

    Rockhard 4x4 Patriot Series Angled Up rock rails installed. Love 'em! Very solid heavy duty construction (100 lbs each), cover the pinch seam, bolt on installation. The hardest part was getting the stock body to frame mounting bolts out, as others have mentioned. Used a butane torch to heat...
  8. Teccom Mud Flaps Install

    The only reason they would not work on a Rubi is the stock rock rails (they extend too far forward past the end of the pinch seam). Mine is a Rubicon and they fit fine, but I removed the stock rails and installed the Rockhard 4x4 Patriot Series rails (see photo below).
  9. Rock Rails Thread

    Gave up on waiting for ROAM or LoD step sliders and pulled the trigger on the Rock Hard 4x4 Patriot Series angled up sliders. Ordered from Quadratec. Really like how they cover the pinch seam, appear to be very solid construction and don't break the bank ($701 with tax and free shipping). Will...
  10. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    Ouch!!! Hope you get it done right this time. I've had 3 re-gears done, all by the same reputable 4x4 shop (2 on the JK, one on the JT). That's one procedure where a knowledgeable mechanic is worth his weight in gold. Good luck!
  11. Rock Rails Thread

    I like the way they follow the lines of the fenders. The RockBlokz stuck out farther than I cared for. Yes, that means more protection, but they looked like an obvious ad-on instead of blending in with the stock fenders. I also considered the WeatherTechs, but didn't like how the lower part...
  12. Rock Rails Thread

    The top two are the rear flaps. The cut-out is for the exhaust pipe on the driver's side.
  13. Rock Rails Thread

    Perfect. Thanks! Got them on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081CF7DKM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Rear ones went on easy. Fronts took a little figuring out as not all existing plastic rivet/fastener holes lined up. Once I figured out where I needed to drill...
  14. Rock Rails Thread

    If my wife tried that (she's 5'-4") she'd probably end up in the hospital :LOL:! I like the design of these, but would be concerned that a rock could damage the steps when off-roading. Otherwise nice looking product. Affirmative. Could you get a close up of the front of the rail from the...
  15. Rock Rails Thread

    I encountered the same noises when installing the ACE Sliders on my JK, but being ignorant of the potential problem at the time just went ahead with the installation (in the parking lot at my apartment, my current house was being built at the time). Luckily nothing broke. I wonder how many...
  16. Rock Rails Thread

    Are they installed yet? How about now? Now? If you were in Denver, I'd probably offer to help! Are they angled up or down? The angled up version look like a one piece equivalent of adding the Ace Sliders to stock Rubi Rails. I had that combo on my 2014 Wrangler and liked it allot.
  17. Rock Rails Thread

    Their website says only 1.5" difference. https://www.rockhard4x4.com/product_p/rh-80106.htm
  18. Rock Rails Thread

    SERIOUSLY!!! :angry: I thought ROAM was close last December, and per a previous post in this thread would be actively working on them by now after getting other products out of the way. Major disappointment. Now what to do? Wait another month or so for the LoD Armor Lite rails, or choose...
  19. Weld Off-Road Gladiator Build [SEMA 2019]

    Anyone recognize the brand of rock sliders on this SEMA build? Wouldn't mind finding out more about them.
  20. Moab Run for JT only - Who's Down?

    I would probably be down for a return trip to Moab in my JT, depending on dates of course. Only time I was there was last May in my 2014 JKUR, and unfortunately the weather was awful 80% of the time (cold, wind and rain). Made it on a few easy-moderate trails, and managed to visit Arches and...