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    That's a Samsquatch.
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    The first time I got notified was when I received my second. The message said they never go away. No early release for good behavior here.
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    I was thinking the same thing but am down to my last strike of the ban hammer. LOL
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Sounds like an class act. We only get to know a few people of such quality in our lifetimes. Glad you had a great day.
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    There are different kinds of dirty, my friend.
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    Going for a first post ban.. Wish me lock LOL
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    What site is this? I want to go for a record setting ban.
  8. Not a good look for Jeep owners

    I would make zero effort to walk around their shots. I can't stand these people and their self centered attitudes.
  9. Not a good look for Jeep owners

    From what I have read, most of the trouble comes from non jeepers who show up to cause trouble.
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    Unfortunately, many of the people getting those silly degrees are not into working their way up the ladder and just want things given to them, which leads to companies having to just take a warm body. It is a nasty cycle.
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    They should also only give loans to people getting degrees that will allow the loan to be payed back. So many people take out these huge loans for programs that will not earn that money back in a lifetime.
  12. Help me pick. KO2s or GY Territory -315/70R17

    I love my BFG's. On my third set and will buy another when needed. Sorry, I don't know anything about the GY's.
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    And the Darwin award goes to....
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    And took showers with his teenage daughter.
  15. Softopper- rack???

    @Wildtops makes a soft topper with a rack included.
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    I'm with you Rusty, in the 2 strikes category. Rediculous how the mods work here with the hammer.
  17. Best Cabs for Truck bed

    Yep, thats why I went Alu cab. With the weight of aRTT and awning, every pound counts with soft Mojave springs. I installed the airbags as well.
  18. Best Cabs for Truck bed

    I do beleive they are 125 without windows, 135 with windows.
  19. Best Cabs for Truck bed

    I went with Alu cab for the weight savings and am very happy with it.
  20. RSI SmartCap Replica???

    That's because cheap chinese knock offs cut corners.