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  1. Virginia Alu-Cab Rails & Mounts

    Some bars to load stuff on. Might/could use them on another make and model top?? $89.99 9/10. $235 with the bed rail tire carrier / bed storage eliminator.
  2. Virginia Wilco Offroad - Bed Rail Tire Carrier

    Let’s get this marginally useful bauble rehomed. $149.99 9/10.
  3. Virginia Alu-Cab Rails & Mounts

    $90. Just want these out of the garage. If you want this and this tire carrier (see other listing), just let me know (I’d work a package deal to get rid of both items).
  4. Virginia Alu-Cab Rails & Mounts

    Given their size and weight, there’s no way it would be economically viable for me to ship these.
  5. Virginia Alu-Cab Rails & Mounts

    Bump. $110.
  6. Virginia Wilco Offroad - Bed Rail Tire Carrier

    I appreciate that Scott. It was great to meet and talk with you. I hope you enjoy building up your JT.?
  7. Virginia Wilco Offroad - Bed Rail Tire Carrier

    Great opportunity here for someone that’s been wanting to try one of these out, but: 1. Can’t stomach $350 for a bauble of questionable utility, and 2. Isn’t sure they want to give up 1+ LF of bed space This is cheap enough that you should be able to recoup your money when you reach the same...
  8. Virginia Alu-Cab Rails & Mounts

    Alu-Cab rails (2) with, I believe the mid-mounts (risers are 1.5” tall). Removed them within a week and never used them to carry a load. $125 (local pickup or meet up only). See other listing. If you’re interested in more than one item, I’m happy to work a package deal.
  9. Virginia Sold: Thin Skinz - JT/JL Interior Door Covers

    Thin Skinz JT/JL rear door covers. Great for people with dogs. Pickup in Virginia. $100. See other listings (best top and tire carrier). Willing to work out a package deal, if interested. Edit: Sold.
  10. Virginia Wilco Offroad - Bed Rail Tire Carrier

    Not used for long. Good shape. Works just fine, but wasn’t happy with the loss of bed space. $225.

    Twill top. Used for about six months. Good shape. Pickup or meetup in Virginia. $600.
  12. Bestop SunScreen: JL / JT Sunshade for Sunrider for Hardtop released!

    My two cents…the noise is worse with the top up. The wind with the top down, I don’t mind. It’s the flapping and buffeting racket with the top up (presumably would be similar with this contraption) that I could do without.