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  1. 2024 Q1 Sales Figures

    Looks like Jeep has posted its sales figures and they're not too bad. Most interesting thing to me is that 4xe now makes up half of the Wrangler sales. Told my wife this and she said she's not surprised, she doesnt care about electric, she just doesnt want to be slow lol. Jeep Wrangler 4xe...
  2. Towed new 4300lb camper in 30-50mph winds

    So I picked up our new camper today, a No Boundaries 19.8, and of course the weather decided it needed to not cooperate. Drove the 3 hours home in 25-30mph sustained winds and 50+ mph gusts. Surprisingly with the blue ox 2 point, not a lot of drama or real issue with the tail wagging the dog...
  3. Florida Sold: Rubicon Rims 4 for 200

    I have the rims off my 2021 Rubicon that I'm looking to sell. Rims have maybe 3-4k miles on them and are in good condition. No tpms. Looking for 200 for all 4, I'm in the Tampa bay area and could meet nearby.
  4. GM's New Jeep

    I mean, it's not got 7 slots, but an open top military truck designed as a go anywhere light transport sounds like a spiritual succsor to the jeep. Was also interesting that the frames are actually from Nascar's Hendricks Motorsports, so I'm assuming trophy truck...
  5. Updated Icon Recon Pro Wheels w/ rash ring

    Just saw these from last years SEMA, seems like a good update of the Rebound Pro and corrects the main complaint I had which was the lack of a rash ring. It has the internal DOT approved beaclock, plus a bash ring you can grind and repaint, especially since its not structural.
  6. Entire Jeep lineup electrified by end of 2025

    While the 20th anniversary rubicon was kind of a dull thud for me, the fact that we will either see a 4xe gladiator, or the gladiator will be dead by 2025 was the big news to me out of the press conference. Better start saving my pennies now for Big Red 2.0.
  7. 20th anniversary Rubicon 4xe shows new grille design

    More photos @ https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/20th-anniversary-rubicon-4xe-first-look.108521/ Looks like the 20th anniversary Rubicon is coming tomorrow. There is a photo showing the new grille with substantially higher airflow. It's too bad the jeep is that horribad yellow...
  8. Final Edition of Diesel Wrangler - Farout Rubicon

    Saw this on the JL Forums, not sure if its true, but according to the poster the dealers received an email today on it: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/sad-day-today-for-the-diesel-crowd.101436
  9. Ram ending 2023 EcoDiesel V6 as of Jan 2023. Does this spell end of the EcoDiesel Gladiator? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    https://media.stellantisnorthamerica.com/newsrelease.do?id=24274&mid=1#:~:text=Production of the 2023 Ram,seen in a Ram truck. "September 13, 2022 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Ram Truck is commemorating nearly a decade of EcoDiesel production and the benchmark powertrain innovation it produced. The...
  10. Tpms sensors

    I'm getting a new set of bead locks in and need to get some tpms in as mine are now nearly 2 years old from the build date and I'd prefer not to have to re-mount beads in a year or so. I found tpms.com that has the oe Schrader ones for 120, but there are tons of Amazon sets for like 40-50...
  11. KM3 39's in stock (7/1/2022)

    I already got my 5 (3 amazon, 2 walmart) but figured i'd post here as Amazon still has a few left at a really good price of 511. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QT8YN3L?ref=ppx_pt2_dt_b_prod_image
  12. For Sale, Lightly Modded Gladiator

    I found this over in the JL forum of a gladiator being sold by someone who has determined they are "not a jeep person". Even if this is not actually for sale, thats quite a contraption!
  13. Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers

    After looking around a lot, I found the PSC Rocker Knockers to match my main 2 wants of steps and frame mounted. These were especially appealing to me because the steps are nice and low for the wife and kids, but quickly removable before going out on the trail. The construction and finish on...
  14. Seems accurate to me

    Found this and found it accurate Q: How many Jeep Gladiator Forum members does it take to change light bulb? 1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed. 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed...
  15. Steer smarts sector shaft brace gone bad

    TLDR bearing went bad in only 7 months and was binding my steering making it click like ball joints. So I installed the steer smarts sector shaft brace back in May since it had the sealed bearing. Over the last month I've noticed my steering returning to center less quickly and increased...
  16. 2022 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

    Normally I'm not that interested in SUV's, but the new GC Trailhawk is gonna have a sway bar disconnect and rear locker. Its also going to have an optional hemi or 4xe. It seems like maybe jeep is a little more serious about going after the 4Runner and even the bronco a bit as an IFS based...
  17. 7900 pound gladiator build

    TFL interviewed the comms manager for the overland expo on his gladiator overlanding build. The shocking part to me was the weight where he said he was at 7900 pounds!
  18. Synthetic winch rope recommendations?

    My wife got me a warn zeon 12 for my birthday with the steel rope since the 12s seems to currently be a unicorn and honestly the 12 she got was 700 cheaper than the 12s so no real reason to hold out. With that said I want to move to synthetic rope so I'm looking for recommendations. I know warn...
  19. Oil leak - rear main seal it seems

    Was cleaning the jeep up tonight and noticed a brown spot on the driveway that looked like oil. Thought it seemed unlikely given it's only 6k miles but when I got under it seems I have a fairly serious leak that appears to be from the rear main seal. Gonna take it in to the dealer tomorrow...
  20. Took my home built jeep on an rti ramp

    Seems to flex ok, the sfa and rear axles really articulate well. Steering is a little vague but I'm getting used to it.