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  1. Ford Bronco Raptor Pickup

    Looks like half the trucks from Texas I see at work
  2. And now for something completely different* . . . A fun change in the garage!!

    Nice Charger!! I wouldn't mind having that same car in a widebody or a hellcat one. I have owned a 392 TA and Hellcat Challengers and 95% of the time it doesn't make a difference which engine you have between those two I traded the Hellcat for the JTR because i needed a truck more because of work
  3. Moab & The Mighty 5

    I always heard it called "Mother of All Bombs"
  4. And now for something completely different* . . . A fun change in the garage!!

    I am sure they are great to drive but looks mean a lot too me. Not that the Gladiator looks great but it serves its purpose well. I am more of Challenger, Mustang or Camaro guy but the C6 Z06 could possibly be something I would buy
  5. And now for something completely different* . . . A fun change in the garage!!

    I would rather have a C6 Z06 but its all what you like. I don't like the looks of the C8
  6. Best sound bar 6 1/2" speaker mount choice

    Yeah my first car stereo install was in my 94 YJ and it could not have been any easier for a 16 year old kid to do. I hate messing with new vehicles because of all the plastic clips which I seem to break
  7. A consensus on fuel overflow problem?

    I never knew overflow was a problem. I have had issues getting the pump to pump at times but never had an overflow. I have to remove the hose nozzle and reinsert it to get it to pump every once in a while
  8. I have some time to decide. opinions wanted. LTX or HEMI

    Yeah I would like to the a 392 swap because it would be cheaper than buying a TRX, Raptor R or a JLU 392. I already have the truck which is worth somewhere in the 30k range because of mileage and year so another 30-40k isn't getting me anywhere near the price of the other vehicles. MY JTR has...
  9. I have some time to decide. opinions wanted. LTX or HEMI

    Yeah Virginia definitely has inspections so thats a good point. Thank god Tennessee doesn't care or have inspections
  10. I have some time to decide. opinions wanted. LTX or HEMI

    I would be happy with the 5.7 but the 6.4 would make me even happier. I wonder what the difference in fuel mileage is between the two on a Gladiator with 37's?
  11. Maximus Build

    Awesome find and congratulation
  12. The Midsized Truck Challenges

    In a lot of ways todays Jeeps are the same as Jeeps from 30 years ago. They have more electronics and are noticeably bigger but overall not much has changed from the $16,000 94'YJ I had and the newer $60k ones. They are still Jeeps and thats why we bought them instead of any of the others. The...
  13. The Midsized Truck Challenges

    If any of the mid sized trucks ran as good as a stock 3.5 ecoboost f150 I would be all over one of them. I watched one with an e85 tune and a few other mods run a 11.6 at 119 at the dragstrip last weekend Good name Wes, Wes
  14. Kmc Riot beadlock wheels

    I like it and almost went with machined finish wheels myself and wish that I did. I like the SCS wheels you had before also
  15. There is NOTHING WRONG with my 3.6 .... I don't need it .... I DON'T NEED IT!!

    It would easily outrun a 392 Challenger which isn't that quick but still a great car. The Challenger Drag Pak had a similar engine and they ran a 7.5 second qtr mile. the stock 5.7 is 345 cubic inches and the drag pak is 354. I wonder what the story on that engine is with it being built with...
  16. Anyone switch from Clayton Springs to Synergy?

    If the eleve8 lower arms aren't the same length that Clayton suggest the Clayton upper measurement won't be correct for your jeep. If you check pinion or caster angle with the jeep resting on flat ground or level on jack stands and get it to the correct angle hopefully your springs will be...
  17. Anyone switch from Clayton Springs to Synergy?

    Adjust the upper arms to get your pinion angle correct
  18. Anyone switch from Clayton Springs to Synergy?

    I might be off on this but if Synergy and Clayton springs do not give you the same amount of lift the control arms might need to be adjusted differently for one versus the other. I would not think there would be that much difference. Whats the measurement in wheelbase with one setup vs the...
  19. Retirement Edition Mojave.

    Congratulations on a retirement edition JTM I will probably keep trading too often and working until I am dead or crippled. Maybe I should get a Dead or out on FMLA edition in thirty years
  20. Car and Driver: Would you rather? Gladiator vs GMC Canyon

    I would not be able to afford one but yeah that would be great.