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  1. Waiting for the tow truck.. My 2023 Gladiator Mojave has all of 3500 original mikes. We take a weekend getewayand around 250 mi the engine warning li

    As a career dealership technician (retired but still very much dabbles) I experienced some "pre-diagnosed" by a chosen specialist several times. Some techs took it as a slap in the face but not me. I found it quite humorous when my correct diagnosis to actually repair the vehicle turned out to...
  2. Anyone recognize this wheel?

    Correct. This is an OEM accessory wheel that has been custom painted. I came close to purchasing them but found that I liked the Quadratec '41' better with the perfect offset for slight tire poke. Besides, unless you can find the OEM's at a discount somewhere, they tend to be overpriced. Big...
  3. Gladiator corrosion issue

    That could very well be the case. My boss didn't elaborate or possibly didn't understand what he was hearing.
  4. Gladiator corrosion issue

    These days it seems that Stellantis is stubborn to honor factory corrosion warranty claims. My boss has a 2020 JL Rubi that has extensive underbody rust (according to him) from being driven in our northern rust belt. It has 55k miles and is well within the parameters of the corrosion...
  5. Hail bashed my hood - 392 replacement?

    Mine was a February 2022 build w/steel hood. Good thing too as I ran into a hailstorm later that summer. If I had an aluminum hood, it would have needed PDR.
  6. Come on, do something.

    Yeah, missed that one. :facepalm:
  7. Hail bashed my hood - 392 replacement?

    Weird. Mine was steel.
  8. Come on, do something.

    Maybe that is a sign to retire. For me, post-retirement has become even more busy on a day-to-day basis. I often think back and wonder how I possibly found the time to do the things that I did when working full time.
  9. Come on, do something.

    "Rev up yer engines"
  10. Come on, do something.

    Now THAT'S f-in funny!
  11. 2024 Q1 Sales Figures

    Correct. The Q2, Q3 and Q4 figures will not be kind for the JT.
  12. Goodies from FCA

    Nice paint pen! I only got 6 free oil changes included with my two new Jeep purchases. Never used any of them.
  13. Saw this online today…??

    I think we're parked, man.
  14. Study: EVs cost more to fuel than ICE engines

    Looks like it's time to post this interesting 14-minute video again.
  15. Do it yourself or collect your "free oil changes"?

    Never collect, do it yourself! Far too much that can go wrong due to inexperience.
  16. JT to the rescue...

    A stroker motor. Wow, much more HP than the emissions choked factory Pontiac 400 or God forbid the Oldsmobile 403!
  17. JT to the rescue...

    Job well done! Yeah, with the subframe design they are not fun to find a grab point back there. Lucky it is jacked up with those big tires. Made it a little easier to crawl under it because typically these tend to drag ass in the rear over time. ;)
  18. JT to the rescue...

    In my early days, I had a couple of Trans Am's. Around 3,600 pounds if I remember correctly.
  19. Jeep Gladiator 101 - Oil Change on the 3.6L V6 (video)

    No crush washer is use with this drain plug. It has its own rubber gasket as part of the plug. Not mentioned yet is the importance of NOT over tightening the plastic oil filter cap to the housing as these can crack. But the good thing about doing this yourself is that you can control the amount...
  20. Mud Flaps, High Altitude

    They should fit just fine as the High Altitude is the luxury version of the Overland with the same wheel openings and running boards.