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  1. Does anyone actually like the Sport (non-S) wheels?

    I tried to order the black wheels with my Sport S Max Tow...but Jeep wouldn't let me because I ordered the cold weather package...for reasons?!
  2. Heartbreaking... My trunk was damaged in transit... Is it totaled?

    I wouldn't accept shipment and I wouldn't tell them where to drop it off. Just in case that constitutes acceptance in your state. If you own the vehicle and have it insured call your insurance company and have them tell you how to deal with it.
  3. Seen this on the news feed …oops

    Instead of rock sliders with retractable steps they need auto deployable inflatable pontoons.
  4. Death Wobble and Geometry Correction Brackets.

    I have the Mopar lift Bilstein shocks gave me 2.5 inches of lift and 4.9 caster with an RC track bar and it started wobbling. I added steer smarts brace for good measure and a metal cloak track bar. No longer wobbled. I also added geo correction brackets for ride quality and ended up with 6.5...
  5. Trapped in Time: The Phillipines factory where Jeeps are hand-built.

    Cool, At first I thought it was an article about Jeepney. I wonder how much it would cost to import one of those WW2 repro Jeeps? Apparently $14k: https://thejeepsterman.com/products/jeep-in-crate-mb-1942-willys-jeep
  6. Mojave + Mopar Lift ...

    Question, isn't the Mojave 1.5 inches taller than the Rubicon? The Mopar lift is 2 Inches over stock Rubicon height and on my Sport I got around 2.5" out of it. Would you get 2 inches out of the MOPAR lift on the Mojave? or just .5 inches?
  7. Jeep lost acceleration and said “shift to P then desired gear” while on the highway

    Could be your fob batteries, however, what did the body shop work on that they might of disconnected something? If you try to drive with the door open you'll get the " Shift to Park then desired gear" message. If they disconnected the door harness maybe it is loose or a bent pin? Causing it...
  8. Stuck in hospital

    Get well Soon!
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Had the same thing happen to mine after an oil change place topped off my washer fluid. The MOPAR Fluid and what ever they used mixed together to create a clog just like that.
  10. Help me Decide - DIY Mopar Lift or AEV Dualsport

    I did your option 1 MOPAR plus Bilsteins almost to the tee (different trackbar) on my Sport S and was at about that total cost. Knowing what I know today, I would have just gone with the AEV lift. I ended up adding drop brackets with Stock LCA's because the MOPAR LCA's only got me around 4.9...
  11. Good deal on this Mojave? ?

    How to tell me you're a swindler or got swindled in two pics. :facepalm:
  12. No Jeep parts or trading for me - poor kitty...

    Sorry to hear about Tuvak. Good Luck with kitty. Sending positive thoughts your way.
  13. Introductions

    Welcome to the forum!
  14. Tailgate hinge lock plate?

    Feb 22 mine has it.
  15. Looking for some Advice...

    There is a lot of assumption that this dealer is not going to own up to it and fix it. This can't be the first time that they've messed something up and most dealers should have shop insurance for this specific reason. If this is a large corp dealer then it's almost a certainty they have shop...
  16. O

    Caption This: How you know when to buy Lotto
  17. Differences between JT and JL

    rear suspension is different
  18. what kind of geometry corrections brackets are good enough

    I used JKS JKS Drop Brackets They are boxed and welded. The top hole netted me around 6.5 degrees of caster on a 2 Inch Mopar Lift.