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  1. Dealer Trying to Void Warranty

    I have a 2020 LE, bought in early 2021, adding the RSE Stepsliders in the first few weeks. Early on, had a ton of electrical gremlins that culminated with a corporate jeep team replacing several harnesses, swapping a computer, probably more. My biggest issue though was with the ESS system. A...
  2. Farout Concept Topper

    Anyone have an idea of which topper was used to base the Farout concept off of? I think it has the best lines out of any that I have seen.
  3. Ohio RSE step slider- Passenger (only $150)

    I have a complete step slider, including motor but not the JT extension for the passenger side only. the step did not fully retract and thevery front had been (slightly) damaged in transit, but it is not visible when mounted. I am confident that the step could be adjusted to fit properly when...
  4. Gladiator Fire Truck

    Saw this bad boy at the dealership this morning. The local Fire Chief has a new toy.
  5. Is icing on LEDs really a problem?

    After my first winter in the Gladiator, I didn't have any issues with ice and I did more winter driving than usual. Did anyone have issues?
  6. help finding a thread

    There was a great build journal on here a while back ago, and the user had a great layout for his onboard air system, including his custom take on up/down air, with a cool dual gauge for airing up and down. Can anyone help me find it? I have googled and searched the forum every way I can think...
  7. Did you replace the front drive shaft?

    Specifically for the 3.5" lift crowd, with 37s. Did you replace your front drive shaft? Why or why not, and any issues?
  8. Let’s see those Granite Crystals with Bronze Wheels

    Absolutely love those bronze wheels, but I need some encouragement to put them on my GCM truck.
  9. Significant mileage drop after service

    I took my truck in for its inaugral service and tire rotation. Up until that point, I was hovering around 17mpg on mostly highway, combined mileage. Ever since the service, I have struggled to hit 15mpg. Any quick and easy things to look for? I have to trouble lights at all, and performance...
  10. Air bladder for a leveler?

    So I was thinking that some sort of inflatable air bladder under a couple wheels might make a great leveling system for a RTT. My vision is something is something I can drive overtop while deflated, and hook a chuck from my on bird air to fill it up. I found something ina forum from 2009 for...
  11. Ideas for C Pillar decals?

    I gave myself a gnnarly 3.5” scratch on the passenger side c pillar, and looking for ideas on a nice decal to cover it up. The paint stick couldn’t hide it all... :facepalm: paint is Granite Crystal Metallic, with red accents.
  12. Carplay2Air review with the 8.4 Premium Audio

    My Carplay2air adapter came in on Friday. It was an impulse purchase off the ad on the forum, and doesn't seem to be a lot of 1st hand reviews. For the uninitiated, the Carplay2air is a usb dongle that allows you to project CarPlay onto the infotainment screen without being hardwired to a...
  13. Ohio Sold: Mopar Roll-Up tonneau- $700

    Not in any hurry to sell, as I haven't settled on my tonneau solution for a RTT yet, but I don't think the stock cover is going to work out. Pics if needed, but it is the stock version that comes on the Launch Edition.
  14. Ohio Smittybilt Aluminum fairlead- $25

    Aluminum fairlead that came with my XRC gen 3 winch. I went with the Factor 55. Its the one pictured below.
  15. Ohio Sold: Rubicon Rock Rails- $250

    NW Ohio, good condition. All hardware included. Replaced with RSE sliders. Can provide pics if interested
  16. Do you use a winch cover?

    I have a synthetic line, and my winch is pretty recessed in to the bumper, with the solenoid sitting over the spool. mostly wondering about winter exposure.
  17. Winch alignment help

    Will I run in to any problems if my winch drum is not entirely lined up with the rope cutout of the winch plate? This is my first winch install, and I am using the Mopar winch plate kit, with the smittybilt XRC gen 3. To say that it has been a battle would be an understatement. I’m finally...
  18. How long does it take to install a winch?

    I have the Mopar Winch Plate & a Smittybilt gen 3 winch, installing on to the Rubicon Steel Bumper. How long should I plan for the install? Supposed to have storms off and on all weekend, but I am really wanting to get it on. Unfortunately, the garage is full right now, so I need to work...
  19. Disabling remote start limits

    Is there a way to disable the 2x limit on remote starts, before a hard start is required? What about extending the duration? Perhaps with a Tazer or something like that? the reason I ask is for cold-weather camping. I think rigging a duct to my RTT and just kicking on the engine for a few...
  20. Did I accidentally drain the ESS battery?

    I just completed the Rock Slide Engineering install. Everything works as advertised, but when I went to start the truck, it wouldn’t start. The main battery seems to have plenty of juice. The radio works, steps work, but I am getting a check engine light and sway bar disengage not working...