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  1. Spacer vs Mopar 2" coils - options, suggestions...

    The MOPAR kit is basically the same thing you have on your JT. Only difference is all the new parts are longer.
  2. Noise identification help

    My Synergy track bar squeaked like that after install. Where it tapered from the bushing end to the bar rubbed on the box out on the axle. After awhile it stopped. After a little bit of time, you should be able to see where the rub is, will be a clean, shiny spot.
  3. Noise identification help

    It's a squeak. Too many possibilities. Could be a spring perch not quite right, could be any one of the joints with bushings, could be track bar rubbing on axle end box out.
  4. Help front end problem!

    Just an FYI, the Pitman arm end can be a PITA to get out. I had to use a pickle fork and a BFH.
  5. Help front end problem!

    Not sure if MOPAR sells just the end. @AllMoparParts.com aka Benny can answer that question. If not, you can buy either an OEM drag link or an aftermarket.
  6. Spacer vs Mopar 2" coils - options, suggestions...

    A spacer lift allows you to use the factory coils and shocks if you like that ride. If you don't like that ride and want to stiffen or soften the ride, then it's time to dive down the rabbit hole and start looking for something that suits your taste. We can't decide for you, it's your opinion...
  7. When I take off my intake manifold, should I…..

    Obviously, it's a MALE spark plug.....
  8. In The Middle Of The Night.....

    The JT can go through 2 remote start sessions, each appx 15 minutes long. After second remote start session, it has to be manually started before it can remote start again. The fob that was washed, take the battery out of it and see if it happens again.
  9. Do you need longer sway bar links with 1.5" front spacers? Shock extension?

    Don't need anything. If you can find someone close that has a set of rear sway bar links available you could switch them out though.
  10. It finally happened: I got ducked!

    The BEST duck to give or get......
  11. OEM Rear Differential in Multiple Parts per Dealer?

    If you're asking if they can replace the entire differential housing and internals as one piece, then the answer is definitely NO. The differential is full of replaceable parts, and it's faster and easier to do it as such.
  12. Buzz off dealership!

    Go into your account settings and change the phone number.
  13. Some Advice From an Old Fart

    Just finished up with the components on the rear. That was the only hiccup on the entire project and it's surprising that the Synergy relocation bolt through the Synergy track bar was the only problem.
  14. Question about the leather seats: "NAPA" vs just "Leather"

    You've been here long enough, you know better than to expect a straight answer. Attention span of a Golden Retarded in a squirrel herd around here. With that said, NAPA leather is the chamois the NAPA guys used to clean their hands with.....
  15. Some Advice From an Old Fart

    I looked mine up, since it's a Synergey specialty item. The bolt I had to cut is 4140 Heat Treated chrom-moly. Explains why it ate so many blades.
  16. Are Gladiators “cars”? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    It's a truck. JL & JT are Jeeps. Some of the talking heads call them an SUV, which they aren't. An SUV is made for the road and can occasionally do "mild" off road. A Jeep is made to go off road and occasionally drive on the street.
  17. Some Advice From an Old Fart

    I can answer for him, yes because he got the flag nut off. The bolt is seized in the crush sleeve, just like mine was.
  18. Air bags or new springs?

    Get your WDH sorted out before you do anything else. Once you have the WDH doing what it's supposed to, you'll know if you need some help and how much.
  19. Some Advice From an Old Fart

    Methinks the coating they use forms a bond after being heated up from friction.
  20. Some Advice From an Old Fart

    Learned my lesson, hope to save someone else the nightmare. If you have the Synergy steering stabilizer relocation kit. If you can get it apart then do so. On the big bolt going through the track bar, anti-seize the crap out of that long shoulder that passes through the track bar. On the short...