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  1. Tennessee Best top Sunrider WTB

    Looking to buy new or a used one close to East Tennessee? What is the best price being seen or advertised?
  2. North Carolina Wtb: Rubicon tires/coil take offs

    Got rubi 2020 upgraded wheels with tpms, take offs at 500 miles, $ 1250.00, east tn ,37641
  3. Tennessee Gladiator Wheels/Tires / Rock Rails

    No , there still sitting there wrapped in plastic bags, perfect. Less than 500 mile, with tpms.
  4. Tennessee Gladiator Wheels/Tires / Rock Rails

    I’ve got a box with a few bolts left over from all the accessories I’ve added.and removed. Im not sure if any of those are the bolts in question, but you can look at them and see if they work if your still interested. I would think any Fastenal or hardware store should have the needed bolts...
  5. Tennessee Gladiator Wheels/Tires / Rock Rails

    I went and put hands on them. Each one has 4 mounting holes, but the guy who installed the Rock S. Eng steps said he used the existing bolts he removed. So theres no nuts, bolts with them. I would think yours should have those bolts in place mounting the frame to the body? I'm off this Fri...
  6. Tennessee Gladiator Wheels/Tires / Rock Rails

    37641 zip, east Tn outside of Greeneville. I'll look at them again and verify. Only thing that should not be connected to them is the mounting bolts, I'm not sure if my Rock Slide Engineering steps had new bolts, I'd assume they did but my neighbor installed them. Should just mouth directly up...
  7. Tennessee Gladiator Wheels/Tires / Rock Rails

    How about 150.00
  8. Tennessee Gladiator Wheels/Tires / Rock Rails

    I Still have them in the garage.
  9. Get a duck yet?

    Me neither Brother from East Tn here. I've Ducked several up this way. We need to hook each other up, LOL
  10. Back Up Camera stopped working

    Thanks for the info, this setting change fixed both of my cameras.
  11. Tennessee Wheels / Tires Qty: 4 factory TPM's $1,200.00

    Bump, Still available along with the factory Rubicon Rock Rails available for 200.00.
  12. Installing pillar and bumper mounted light's.

    Thank you Sir for the info.
  13. Installing pillar and bumper mounted light's.

    Ok, my situation is: I have the auxilliary switches finally installed, (Any dealer or person doing a factory order who dont add this to a build for the cost and trouble to add on after the fact should be evaluated , I thought it was a brutal/uggg 5ish hr ordeal.lol) But I have 3 sets of lights...
  14. 1:32 diecast model Jeep Gladiator!!!

    The one at BassPro is 39.99, so about 20 bucks cheaper than the TSC one, exactly the same just a different color. Too bad I already bought the TSC one, now to get the BAssPro one,LOL Great suspension and looks, just runs wide open when ya go forward or reverse.
  15. 1:32 diecast model Jeep Gladiator!!!

    I need the Walmart Green one and Blue( (Anybody finds one pick it up I'll pay you + Shipping) , they are at Walmart a Yellow out in the stores now.
  16. Tennessee Wheels / Tires Qty: 4 factory TPM's $1,200.00

    4 wheels/tires with factory TPM's. Less than 500 miles on set and in perfect shape. Located in East Tennessee,
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Well After I ordered my Grocery list of goodies to add on I had to work Sat. My security cameras were going off like crazy. 4 different deliveries I could see and just couldn't wait to make it home to start enjoying the adventures of adding accessories. Made it home and started to dive in: So...
  18. Tennessee Gladiator Wheels/Tires / Rock Rails

    Will be 4 tires/Wheels (NO TPM) Less than 500 miles on the set. 1200.00 ObO Rock Rails Standard as on the Rubicon, as new. 200.00 ObO Located in East Tn so Pick-up in the 37745 zip would be the option.