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  1. they just took angry grills and said...hold my beer!

    Maybe it’s angry because it’s so ugly. That’s why I’m in a bad mood sometimes.
  2. "high mileage" 2020 JT

    I'm at 87,000 miles on my 2020. Very few issues. I have had to replace my windshield four times. The first crack seemed to be from a temperature difference in the cab and outside. The second was for no discernible reason. The last two were from rocks kicked up by passing trucks on two lane...
  3. Overland Package Conundrum

    I went with a Metalcloak 4.5" Gamechanger lift and Rubicon take-off axles regeared to 5.13 with factory lockers. The axles are trussed and gusseted, and with my driving style, I don't anticipate major issues. I have Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers to replace the factory steps, but I haven't put...
  4. Overland Package Conundrum

    I have built my Overland on 40s (including proper lift, reinforced axles, lockers, etc.). No regrets. Mine is a Gobi, too.
  5. Front Drive Shaft? 4.5" Lift

    Yeah, Rocksports.
  6. Front Drive Shaft? 4.5" Lift

    I installed a 4.5" Metalcloak lift on my 2020 JT Overland, and my shop is suggesting a new front drive shaft. Metalcloak seems to think I need one, too, and I trust their customer service. Suggestions? Metalcloak drive shaft? Tom Wood's? Adams? It's fine. Leave the OEM alone for now.
  7. Michael's slow and steady Gobi Overland build

    The tires arrived this afternoon. New coils are waiting to be installed. I can’t wait to get it all put together.
  8. Michael's slow and steady Gobi Overland build

    I upgraded my axles over a year ago, replaced my RC lift with a 3.5” Gamechanger a month before Metalcloak released the 4.5” kit, and just replaced the 3.5” springs with 4.5”. My 40x13.50r17 tires are en route from Discount Tire Direct and will be installed next week. I am the cautionary tale...
  9. Aux. Battery: When did yours die (or how old is it now if it hasn't)?

    Mine died at around the 2-year mark with probably 45,000-50,000 miles on it.
  10. Baseball Cap Storage

    I have about half a dozen in the back seat between two car seats.
  11. North Carolina Rough Country 3.5” lift — shocks and springs

    I’m looking to sell the shocks and springs from a 3.5” Rough Country lift. They served me well for the time I ran the lift, but I decided to go in a different direction with my suspension. Honestly not sure what they’re worth. Local pickup in Greenville/Kinston/Grifton/La Grange area only.
  12. Black Friday + Cyber Monday aftermath thread -- what did you buy your Gladiator? ?

    Another plug for Metalcloak: They called me today to let me know my lift might not ship for up to 10 days (but quite possibly sooner). I wasn’t expecting it before Christmas. Other vendors have been back ordered for months and I could barely get through to them to find out anything about my...
  13. Black Friday + Cyber Monday aftermath thread -- what did you buy your Gladiator? ?

    I’m upgrading my Rough Country lift to a Metalcloak Gamechanger. I resisted Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and the extension into Sunday, but Cyber Monday got me. Well played, @Metalcloak.
  14. Metalcloak lift

    I’m looking at the 3.5” Gamechanger and flat fenders before the Cyber Monday sale ends. Will they be enough to clear 40s if I decide to go down that road (very likely)? I have already upgraded my axles. Trying to do the build right. Or should I be looking at more lift? I drive an Overland, so...
  15. Suspension upgrade for 40s

    I’m looking to upgrade my lift to accommodate 40” tires. I currently have a 3.5” RC lift with 37s. It did its job well for what it cost, but I’m looking to move up to 40s and want a better quality lift. I have reinforced my axles (trussed/gusseted) and have a deep enough gear ratio (5.13). I...
  16. New auxiliary switch bank

    I’m happy with mine. I installed about a month ago.
  17. Overland or Rubicon

    For less than $4,000, I’d buy the comparably optioned Rubi and not look back. It would have been a $10k difference with me, so I went with the Overland.
  18. Overland or Rubicon

    I bought an Overland because it was significantly cheaper (Jeep was running a $4,000 rebate on top of all other deals at the time) and because I would never utilize the Rubicon features enough to justify the cost. I know from experience because I ordered a Hard Rock Rubicon JKU in 2015 and...
  19. Michael's slow and steady Gobi Overland build

    I upgraded my axles and installed this switch panel. The two locker switches work like the Rubicon switches — the lockers can only be engaged in 4-lo in default mode although I could choose to disable that safety feature (I won’t). The axles are Rubicon take-offs that have been completely...